2022 Expectations [NOT 30/12/21]

Thank you, Moira Rose, for this gem.

Hi, friends!

As this year winds down, how do we think next year will go?

I felt like 2020 was atrocious but November and December got better with elections and then vaccines being approved. And then 2021 started off really optimistic as we were seeing lots of vaccinations and dropping covid rates until delta and assholes ruined that. Now I’m just really pessimistic again about 2022.

It’s not that I mind not eating in restaurants or going to bars. I didn’t do that much before covid, although I get that for many people that’s their thing and they’ve been miserable. Also I know it’s been hell for restauranteurs and chefs, etc.

I miss seeing some friends. While most have eased isolation for socializing after folks got vaccinated, a few have someone very immunocompromised or under 5, so with good reason they’re still being very isolated. I have coworkers in other states that I would typically see every other month or so and I do miss the good ones who I haven’t seen since March 2020. I really miss the ease of easy vacation planning, especially to places in the Caribbean with warm, sandy beaches. I know Florida will not do anything to impede tourism, but I also don’t really want to vacation there again. I’m sure as fuck not going anywhere near a cruise ship any time soon.

I’m definitely less social than I was in 2019. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. I’ve gained weight in that time period, and I know I am self-conscious enough that when I am heavier I am less social, so I think those 2 factors are playing together to motivate me more to be alone. Shrug, brains are weird.

I just don’t know though. I see early trends that omicron isn’t as severe as delta, which is great news if that holds. From a biology perspective, becoming less deadly and more transmissable is a great combo for a virus. But also if more people get sick, even if fewer of them need to go to a hospital, that’s still more people getting sick and needing hospitalization.

What are you thinking about with next year? Are you even thinking about it, or just trying not to? The quote from Schitt’s Creek in the image is how I feel about the last few years. These are awful, fuck it, let’s have another.



  1. South Africa’s Omicron wave seems to have subsided, but they did institute a curfew and other lockdown-lite measures. America is making sure Omicron gets a chance to mutate further.

    I think we’ll get worse before things get better.

  2. My daughters are already having classes going online again & that is making them sad which makes me sad.  I don’t see the selfish pricks giving in so things won’t change until they all die.  My wife thinks things will mellow out around March but then we have spring break & do we start again?   I am cynical by nature so not hopeful but am trying to hide that from my girls.  I can’t imagine starting life now & being hopeful for the future.  I’m getting to the giving no fucks point but staying in a small circle of people & places.

    • Agreed, I think a lot of colleges are going to have to go online again. I don’t know what they will do with schools for younger kids. As a country we don’t care if kids get shot in school, so I don’t expect them to go virtual this spring.

  3. I think 2022 will be relatively indistinguishable from 2021… until the midterms. Well, there will be more political blow-harding on teevee, but we won’t know how much WORSE things will get until November.

  4. Currently MIA conservative Ontario Premier has cut public health care in the upcoming budget…again…and we are at the point in which if you test positive or harbour symptoms at home you are NOT TO BURDEN THE SYSTEM BY SCHEDULING PCR TESTS and…um…if you are knowingly exposed to covid just go about your life and spread it to everyone whilst MONITORING YOURSELF FOR 10 DAYS. This will surely go well.

    2022 is also the year democracy loses in the USA. This, too, will surely go well with all the other democracies losing around the globe.

    I’m optimisticoughs.

    • So much tough man Dougie who basically a human marshmellow, but we’ve known that since the early days of the Pandemic.

      The Cons built their entire recent Federal campaigns on painting Justin Trudeau as some wussy fey manboy unable to lead unlike big tough Cons yet despite his mistakes/flaws he’s been more upfront and center than any of them especially as things went south.

      Who’s “not ready” now?

      That’s what gets me about authoritarian bully/loser types that Cons seem to want to vote for endlessly. They demand everything and give nothing. And then they break down when the shit hits the fan.

      Having been the direct/indirect victim of these assholes for a lot of my life, it makes me want to kick’em all in the ass.

  5. My son and my grandson tested positive for Covid. I’m trying not to freak out. When my son gets better, I’m going to kill him myself for not getting vaccinated.

    Other-Husband’s mom and brother are also positive, as well as his direct manager (who was in the store for several hours today. Unmasked, of course.) So far, so good on the rest of us. O-H, H, and I tested negative, as did my sis and her bf. My mom and stepdad are going to get tests tomorrow.

  6. I’m starting to feel really jealous of everyone who is living like there isn’t a fucking pandemic going on. Mostly I want their blasé, guilt free, stress free outlook on the pandemic. We’ll likely continue to live a very isolated lifestyle until our kids are vaccinated because I’m still worried about Covid and Long Covid and would feel guilty for the rest of my life if I felt that I contributed to the spread of the virus.

  7. I’m not optimistic.

    This COVID thing doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to end, because there are so many fuckwits treating it as a political thing.

    So, I’m not really making any plans.  ever.

    COVID is going to continue, and then the republicans are about to lock on a political strangle-hold on the U.S. government.  and then there is the global warming issue…


  8. I don’t expect much. I hope to survive 2022, but I feel it is getting harder for a lot of folks to endure/cope including me.

    Part of the cause for my holiday ennui was the cold hard realization my late friend isn’t around. After his parents died three years ago and his brother kind of ignored him, I invited him to spend part of the holidays just so that he’d have someone to talk to. We has some good times just hanging out and talking during the holidays. Knowing he isn’t there… just makes the season feel dark. I realize I am still grieving.

    Also my other friend from Ottawa wasn’t going to visit this week, again. I was really looking forward to it, but alas the plans of mice and men. This also really bummed me out.

    As grim as things are, the only thing we can do is endure and not get complacent.  But it ain’t easy.

    • Yeah to a large extent I feel like I’m just in a holding pattern and trying not to fuck myself over for another year or two? People who know me are like wow you’re obsessed with your garden and I’m like hi that’s one of the few things I feel like I have some control over and can enjoy without people fucking up?

  9. I have a 100.7 fever, hacking cough, shortness of breath, and sore throat combined with totally fucked sinuses. The only appointment I could get in the next 10 days was telemedicine. She gave me a prescription for an antibiotic for what she thinks is a sinus infection. (I am vaxed and boosted.) But she said that it is more dangerous for me to go to urgent care with 8-hour waits than to just rest, hydrate, and take the meds. There are no covid tests available and even if I somehow have it, the 5 day waiting period will be long over before I can see a human doctor.  I feel rotten.

  10. warm and dry here….fireworks and parties are banned again this year…so i expect trouble tonight…but probably not much where i am…unless some idiot blows himself up

    as for the new year..suspect itll be mostly work and supermarkets again…how exciting…

    sides from that i figure ill spend the year getting pissed off at our useless gubment doing nothing right…and when we get locked down again ill probably consider inflicting serious bodily harm on the first anti vaxxer i come across…but then not do anything anyway coz im not that unhinged yet…soooo pretty much im expecting 2021mk2

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