Everything is a Blur…[NOT 12/1/20]


Anyway…if you live in Ontario, you’re used to these.

I’m all for the Amber Alerts even when a child abduction is reported to police at 11am and we don’t get the alarm clock starting every 15 minutes until 3am to 6am. Finding missing children is and should be a top priority, but this?

We don’t need this right now. Especially when we’re already at risk of dying for no reason:

…but I did promise to behave tonight.

(and thank you MegMegMcGee for agreeing to take over the NOT last night after I jokingly said someone better before I say something that I didn’t mean I’d regret saying).

So as promised, here are some puppies and flowers:


In the not so west #wexit part of Canada, one can be a temporary dog-parent:

…or a racist piece of shit:

…and party all around:

Elections Canada granted eligibility to the party Friday, which will allow Wexit to get its party name on the ballot and issue tax receipts for political contributions.


It’s a cold world!

…and I’m not even sorry…

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  1. …so if you’re, say, in a bit of trouble for, say, not lending a certain someone your coat when they thought they wouldn’t need one & think a bunch of flowers might smooth the waters you need to ensure you freeze your ass wrapping the flowers in the coat until you get them back home

    …otherwise when that wilt starts to show & you think all’s quiet on that Western front you might find a different cold wind blows your way?

    that’s cold, man…

    • Jewelry doesn’t have this problem.

      • good job we’re all so well paid for this nonsense, I guess…wait…oh…well, I’m sure it’s excellent advice all the same – thank you kindly…

  2. Wexiters are right-wing racists? Oh good, that’s just great. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but that’s pretty dismaying. And once again, it’s an instance where they clearly haven’t paid attention to history. If the Meech Lake Accord and the 1995 referendum showed us anything, it’s that it’s not as easy as all that. I mean, Quebec has been fighting about or for sovereignty since the 1960s, and they still haven’t made it happen.

    Even if Wexiters got the votes to leave, how will they foot the bill? On what basis will they form a currency? I don’t think the oil sands hold nearly as much cash as would be needed to sustain a solo economy long-term. And given that there was a real push a few years ago to increase immigration to Alberta (if not Saskatchewan as well), and a lot of those new Canadians were brown folks, I would be deeply worried about disenfranchisement of new Canadians in order to pass a Wexit vote.

    It’s definitely something to stay aware of; by no means should the rest of Canada not take this seriously. It just doesn’t seem like it could come to pass without a lot of other factors falling into place.

    • I think it is basically western crybabies throwing a complete and total temper tantrum. Like the pro oil march last year, the various threats and insults to Greta Thorneberg and their clinging desperately to tar sands oil.

      These are the same smug bastards who preached western domination over central Canada in the last decade (aka Harper years) while denying the horrible forces of MAN MADE climate change is also changing the situation for them.

  3. I’m in the Greater Toronto Area and got the blaring noise at 7:30AM today. As I wasn’t planning on going out until after noon, I grabbed my devices to shut them off (amber alerts are important but I’m not going to find any missing kids from my sleeping quarters). Instead I get a nuclear power plant accident warning.

    My first thought was “F*&$#, I’m going to die.” My second thought was “F*&$# my friends are going to die.” My third thought was “F*&$# it, if there’s a nuclear accident I’m already dead, so I’m going back to sleep.” By the time I woke up again everything was fixed and I didn’t spend any time worrying about it like I would have if I’d stayed awake.

    Sometimes I’m glad I’m a lazy SOB.

    • As I always say, procrastination pays off!

    • I somehow slept through the alert. All I can think is that I was sleep-fogged and turned it off, thinking it was my alarm, but I honestly don’t remember hearing anything. It wasn’t until my cats woke me up around ten that I saw it on the screen, and by then it was resolved anyway.

  4. I was dead already. Dead asleep and only noticed it at 1pm. Drawbacks of coming off night shift.

    Wow. A lot GTA folks here.

    • Happy to see you!

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