…a day like any other? [DOT 16/1/20]

…well, except for the whole thing where they sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate yesterday, anyway



…but, hey – no big deal, right?

…the toddler-in-chief already said he’d block Bolton from testifying so obviously it might be nice to hear the mustache answer some questions about a thing or two but one way or another there really ought to be witnesses in a trial, right?


…in all seriousness it remains to be seen how bad a travesty the GOP can turn this next bit into but the fact McConnell backed off the whole vote-to-dismiss-before-anything-or-anyone-is-heard suggests he didn’t have the votes…so…nothing to see there, I’m sure


Lev Parnas, Key Player in Ukraine Affair, Completes Break With Trump and Giuliani


…or here


…or here



…or here


…but you know what – Brexit is still the grimmest thing

…& you don’t have to take my word for it, either – Captain-freaking-Picard (which I’m reliably informed is in fact his official name) said so


…either way if you’ve made it this far I figure you deserve a treat


…generally speaking I think the DUAN doesn’t run to such things but I think it might have been evidence of another possible theme last night?

it may be that emmerdoesNOTrepresentme but emmerDON’T is starting to represent a source of late-night reading material, at least to me…thank you kindly

…& although I have yet to clusterbomb the poor thing with my own suggestions, while we’re talking about reading material that’s better than the stuff you get out of me, this is worth keeping an eye on, I’d say

…so…well…you know…have at it y’all?



  1. I mean not like this is new, but the rage I’m feeling between the articles going to the Senate where they will snuff them out, and the bombshells being released. By Lev Parnas (and just the universe)…oh boy.

    Add to it the Republicans are saying the media will not be allowed to televise the impeachment trial and reporters will be restricted and the Senators can’t talk to the press…. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/senate-weighs-restricting-reporters-during-trump-impeachment-trial-n1116191

    The best we’ve got is to hope enough voters are angry about that.

    • …I hear you – but I guess I’m at least partially inured to the idea that the GOP will kill the impeachment to keep removal off the table

      …so even before there were articles to send there I think what I was hoping for was that in return for giving the forces of fatuousness the playing field they wanted for the campaign trail at this stage (“look, they acquitted me in the Senate so that’s all over now”) they get a list of who was team Dolt45 when the chips were down & history was watching & then dragging the down-ticket races with similar gusto to dragging Trump as further shit comes out & people start to wrap their heads around the vast amount of wrongdoing that is already a matter of public record & which ought to cost him in some of the places he needs?

      I’m not used to thinking of myself as an optimist but it does go a long way to explaining the constant sense of disappointment that I find reality tends to invoke in me…

  2. Did anyone watch Rachel Maddow last night? I was surprised how well spoken and legit Parnas was! Loved how he destroyed Trump, Nunes, Pence, & everyone else that has tried to distance themself.

  3. …the latter I’m familiar with but I’m gonna need more hours in the day if I find any more podcasts worth listening to

    …not like I’m using them for sleeping properly though…so thanks for that, too

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