A Gentle Reminder: Basically No One Actually Wants the Economy to Re-Open

It can often be hard to separate what is actually happening in the real world from what is playing out in the media and on the internet. Politico can pen an article about mask wearing is just the latest salvo in a never-ending culture war between Democrats and Republicans, and Trump’s stable of loyal henchmen can claim the country isn’t built to re-open all they want. The facts do bear that out.

Just from anecdotal experience, the amount of people I’ve seen in my every day dealings as an “essential worker” who are wearing masks has been basically everyone. I’ve only personally witnessed one customer at a grocery store get fussy about it. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who are annoyed about wearing a mask. For example, I’m kind of tired of smelling my own breath, and the paper masks I’m wearing keeps fogging up my glasses. Wearing a mask isn’t fun, but neither is trying to survive during a pandemic.

Still, if you’re stuck at home, you’re probably growing increasingly frustrated with protesters and governors demanding to re-open. As a gentle reminder, I’d like you to know that basically everyone is totally cool with staying locked, at least until more thorough testing becomes available.

Here’s a brief list of polls showing that in spite of facing economic hardship, most American are perfectly chill with stay-at-home orders until it becomes kinda sorta safe again.

And that’s just the ones I’m able to Google off hand with five minutes worth of research. Many of these polls also conclude that the majority of Republicans don’t want to re-open either, even if they support government restriction less than Democrats do.

So while you may see news reports that suggest there are millions of crazed whackos just itching to go back to work, the raw data shows that’s not the case. In these trying times, please try to remember that there are far more sane people out there than you might think.

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  1. im still stuck with work…and my back hurts.. (i should probably start using the pallet stacker instead of moving all the machines by hand…. but the stacker is soo sloooow…)
    anyhoo…we still arent locked down here…still not seeing any masks either (well..ive seen like 4 now)
    also we apparently have the ability to do lots of testing….we just arent doing it
    and likewise we have protesters… a good chunk of them are protesting evil rona causing 5g instead of the issue of not being able to get a haircut…but still..protestors…
    i..kinda forgot where i was going with this…
    think ill go find myself a beer and some painkillers

  2. Yeah, a real hole in the “DURRR REOPEN NOWWW!!!!” crowd’s plan is that people aren’t just gonna suddenly show up to places just because they’re open. Most restaurants can’t survive at 50% of usual capacity. All they’re going to do is lay people off and cut hours — and then have to pay them unemployment again.

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