A Jameis Winston Post for No Reason At All, I Assure You

Comparing Jameis Winston to Peyton Manning is kinda dumb, right?

I mean, it’s the kind of thing only the bloated corpse of a drowned sports vertical would do. If one wants to argue that Jameis Winston has gotten an unfair shake, especially compared to other, whiter quarterbacks, i think that’s fair. Most black quarterbacks get a raw deal. But arguing that Winston is like Peyton Manning because Peyton also threw a ton of interceptions in his career and therefore he’s not getting treated fairly kind of negates and invalidates how thoroughly the Bucs were handicapped by Jameis Winston’s inability to just hold on to the fucking football.

I mean, here’s a post from a not dead sports vertical that contexualizes just how thoroughly Winston’s interceptions fucked over the Bucaneers last year.

But how could the Buccaneers consider making Winston their long-term quarterback? This year, Tampa Bay was sixth in defensive DVOA and eighth in yards allowed per play; their defense was legitimately good. But they allowed more points than 29 NFL teams because Winston’s six pick-sixes gave opposing teams 42 free points, and his 33 total turnovers gave opposing teams the second-best starting field position of any team’s opponents. Let’s be clear about that: The Buccaneers have a top-10 defense, and Winston’s turnovers made the team look like one of the worst three defenses in the league. His turnovers are the reason this team won’t have a winning record this year.

Rodger Sherman, The Ringer

Jameis was interception prone even when he won the Heismann; the following season, he threw less touchdowns and threw more interceptions. Over a five year stretch, Winston had an interception ratio of 3.5%. Manning also has 3.5 ratio, but Winston has achieved that rate despite playing in less games than Manning. Manning threw 100 interceptions in 80 games started; Winston has played in 72 games and started 70 and has thrown 88. Someone who is better at math than me can extrapolate what would happen if you added 8 games at Winston’s current pace.

That doesn’t even get into the myriad of other ways in which Winston is being disregarded. Winston has been credibly accused of sexual assault. Twice. He stole crab legs. He told little girls they’re supposed to “be silent”. He’s prone to having emotional outburst on the sidelines. He once creeped out DeSean Jackson by insisting he eat a W. Even if you could disregard Winston’s erratic, interception prone, literally team-killing on-field behavior, his inability to know his role, shut his mouth and keep his goddamn hands to himself make him a liability off of it.

I cape for black quarterbacks. The fact that Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick are free agents is a travesty. I say a pray for DeShaun Watson that he will be blessed with a general manager who isn’t poop some day soon. I’d name my future son Lamar if I thought my wife would let me get away it.

But caping for Jameis Winston in the midst of his erratic ass career is blatant ass click-baiting, and if the dead, bloated corpse of your favorite sports blog hadn’t also disabled the comment section so that their work could continue unburdened from the knowledge that were still unhappy with how it all ended. White dudes writing about black quarterbacks to try earn street cred won’t work when 1.) the essence of the thing you’re trying to recapture can be easily disapproven by just looking up tangible data and 2.) you can only use surface level arguments that disregard context to paint a rosier picture of a flawed quarterback and maybe more flawed human being.

At least, that’s the kind of thing I’d think if I hadn’t gone to my old favorite sports blog by accident and hadn’t been suckered in by a SEO-friendly headline.

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  1. “At least, that’s the kind of thing I’d think if I hadn’t gone to my old favorite sports blog by accident and hadn’t been suckered in by a SEO-friendly headline.”

    SEO-friendly headline, and some GODDAMNED lazy writing!!!

    Ho-Lee-shit, those *multiple* logo articles could’ve been a GREAT old-DS battle-for-DAYS in the comments.

    But lazy writing, with a few links to Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.net, rather than, oh, say, DOING YOUR *OWN* GODDAMNED HOMEWORK** (🧐😠😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬), and linking pics yourself?!?


    And for that list to NOT have the Buffaslugs in the bottom group?!?!????????????????????????????????????

    That’s how you KNOW this is LAZY A.F., shitty, goddamn writing.

    And then there’s the fact that Herby-Herb’s fingerprints are all over at least post 1 & 3 of that series.***
    Because the logos for each number are *not* embedded *within* the story, but are instead in a stupid-assed slideshow, with bullshit *ads* after presumably every 5th slide (the first ad happened where logo 5 or 6 should have been–and that was the point where I decided to nope on out of here’s revenue stream).

    On OLD DS, a story like this, with multiple parts and multiple points to argue, would’ve meant interactions for literally DAYS (if not weeks!🤣).
    And it would have brought TONS of eyes, and tons of revenue from alllll those clicks.

    But with Herb’s new, shitty formatting, a lack of ability to argue, discuss, and interact, and fucking LAZY, SHITHOLE, formatting….

    It’s infuriating, as a former logo junkie, and just damned disappointing.

    Full disclosure, I found Creamer’s website more than a decade ago, and it was an amazingly helpful and beloved resource for me.
    Part of my job back then meant I was a regular reader of his site & his blogs, and I wrote him a couple emails over the years, to thank him for his help.

    I worked for a Dancewear/ Skatewear/ Cheerleading Uniform company, and when I started, we had… maybe a bit over 1/3 of the NFL’s cheerleading squads, and 1/4 of the NBA’s squads?

    We ended up with at least *half* the NFL’s teams, and *more* than half the NBA’s cheerleading squads as customers, plus multiple Arena Football, MLB, NHL, and assorted *other* collegiate & minor-league sprotz-team cheerleading squads, primarily because Chris Creamer was SUCH an ace at staying on top of which teams were switching their colors, that I could tell my bosses, “NO, don’t use *that* color in team ____’s marketing package/sample garments, use *THIS* color.”

    And it won us ALL sorts of business.

    When the Seahawks switched from Kelly green to Neon Green as their secondary color?

    We sent a sample to their Cheerleading Coach with that lime green as the accent color, and we ended up getting their business from that year, until…. well, until after I left the company, so I’m not quite sure *how* many more years we had their business.

    Similar thing happened with the Mavs, the Hawks, the Hornets, and the Bucks, too.

    My bosses weren’t sports junkies. So they didn’t keep up on the logo & secondary color changes.
    Deadspin, and Chris Creamer’s websites were interesting and entertaining, so I *did* stay up on that info. And the company made a few hundred-thousands of dollars a year, because of it.
    (I wasn’t able to send Creamer any financial thanks, because I wasn’t paid much during my time there. But i DEFINITELY thanked him in my emails, and tried to send him tips when *I* caught wind of any logo & color changes for teams i knew about)

    Seeing that logo set of stories, with ALL those links, and not even a *single* solitary Thank You, or H/T *anywhere*?

    That just REEKS of shitty, lazy writing & attempting to profiteer off the dedication & hard work of someone else.
    Which WAS about what I expected from A Herb.

    **SERIOUSLY Chris is the GOAT about knowing the ins & outs of logos & logo (and team colors!) history, and it BURNS my ass, to see them simply *using* his website to link to OVER AND OVER AGAIN, without so much as even a “ht to Sportslogos.net, for their awesome compilations of the logos for *Every* sprotz team EVAR!”

    ***I didn’t open all three, because I just wanted to check #1 for the H/T that the third (missing the Buffaslug!🤯) article didn’t have–in case they’d actually *done* the right thing, and said a big ‘ol “THANK YOU!!!!” to Creamer,for using his work over & over again, right at the beginning.

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