A Post Twitter World? [NOT 26/4/22]

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

I’m not on Twitter. That’s partially untrue. I have an account floating in the early Twitterverse that I created for a media class when I was in college. Participation was tabulated by number of tweets posted during class. Crazy eh? I digress…

With Twitter going private and being run by the whims of Elon Musk, I can only assume it will devolve into 4chan4.0. People are jumping ship and I’m curious about where they will end up.

I’m not tech savvy but I have a proposal for those who are (please at least credit me if it’s a success and give me some stock options). I present Venn a social media app that is much like Twitter, you create an account and post your thoughts using a limited number of characters and hashtags. The twist is that part of creating your account profile is to select one or many concepts/constructs that you use to define yourself. For example I would be cis female, woman, mother, intersectional feminist, Asian, white, Canadian, immigrant etc. As a user you can toggle the “tweets” (I need a new name for them) you see on your feed based on which type of people interest you or more importantly those that don’t.

The world is full of garbage people and this makes it possible for users to keep them in the greys or highlight them… One man’s trash etc.

Imagine not wanting to hear the opinions of men for a day, just toggle “man” off and you get a whole new experience on any given topic. The beauty of it is that you can toggle back an forth depending on your mood and the topic.

Venn is is something I just came up with. I invite Deadsplinterites to brainstorm with me. Have you heard of other apps that are trending in the wake of Twitter’s impending demise? Is Twitter even doomed? Do you have any proposals you’d like to share? Or we can all join in and shit on Elon Musk and Twitter and billionaires in general and anything else that is on your mind tonight. Friendly reminder: this is an open thread. Feel free to talk about whatever.



  1. im not on facebook…i have a farscy account on twitter..and even instagram (i mean…i have them so i can follow everyone elses shit..but still)

    i love youre idea….but

    Imagine not wanting to hear the opinions of men for a day, just toggle “man” off and you get a whole new experience on any given topic. The beauty of it is that you can toggle back an forth depending on your mood and the topic.

    how honest do you think everyone on the interwebs is?

    i dont think you can avoid the opinions of men whilst keeping anonimity

    that system sounds like it requires a whole lot of being honest…

    take away anonimity..yeah…maybe something like that could be pulled off

    kinda opens up a whole new can of worms tho…


    • I think the beauty of it is that people who change their profile run the risk of losing their target audience. Yes it is based on the honour system of not misrepresenting yourself but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We want something good and have to trust that others do too.

  2. I regret my FB account, but I still leave it if someone from my past wants to contact me and I made it tough to find me even for the FB algorithm too as I don’t appear on many friend recommended lists.

    I’m on linkedin for professional reasons.

    Not on Twitter and never will.  Don’t fucking care either.

    The problem with the sale of Twotter to Elon is that Elon can say/do whatever the fuck he wants without repercussions, but no one else can.  It’s been a narcissistic shithouse since there are a lot of people who post on Twatter thinking every fucking thought is pure gold (and it’s not.) Now it’s owned by one.

    Yes, there is some good info, but like the rest of the goddamned internet you have to dig for anything decent.

    Finally, the wingnuts and Nazis who are cheering him don’t realize that he’s a mercurial guy and can turn on a whim.

    I kinda preferred the exclusionary (to a point) world of old skule Gawker because it mostly kept the dumbasses/trolls/garbage people out. It’s boring and discriminatory but it allowed for some interesting convos and discussions between intelligent people who don’t always agree.  I don’t like drama (even though I’ve been the cause of some) so this is why I enjoy/partial to that model.

    Hard to say what the future might bring for Twizzler, but it might go down as how not to spend $44 billion USD.

  3. Social media networks come and go (see: MySpace, Google Buzz, etc).  Twitter may be in the bottom of the eighth inning.  Something else will come along.  I have just used it as sort of a news ticker for a while now, and its utility is starting to run down for me.


  4. I only use Facebook as an address book like Manchu – I rarely ever even open it. I like twitter – I know it can be a shit show but I like the people I follow. I feel like I wasn’t really paying attention to politics before trump – but now I pay attention to every little thing and people on twitter are pretty up on breaking news.

    Seems like a lot of people are going over to counter social – the site keeps crashing because so many are signing up – so I’m not sure how good it is. I’m sure they weren’t expecting the volume. Another place I’ve heard people talk about is Mastodon. I checked it out but you have to ask for permission to join some groups and that triggers my social anxiety. I lurked on Gawker for five years before I made my first comment – which didn’t make the cut – so I didn’t comment again for another couple of years. My social anxiety is pretty severe – even online – so I know things change but it seems like lately they change when I’m just getting comfortable and then I have to start all over. Regardless of social media though – I find it really disconcerting that so much power is being consolidated to so few people.

  5. I saw a tweet (lol) that said something to the effect of ‘we should take all our weird little twitter communities to LinkedIn”. That’s gonna be no from me dawg, but the thought it pretty funny. Just takeover LinkedIn with whatever weird little group you’ve formed for yourself out there on the inter webs.

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