About That Time [DOT 14/12/22]

Hi All, hope your week is going well. For me it’s the time of year to cram in all my continuing education. I have 12 hours left to complete. I finished my requirements for my Notary stamp though. That was super taxing. (It was not.)

He loves those aviators

Biden signs bill protecting same-sex and interracial marriage rights – as it happened


FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried charged with defrauding investors


Here’s when Social Security checks featuring the massive 2023 COLA increase will start arriving


‘When you get to 20, it’s wow’: What it takes to play in the NBA for two decades

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  1. Among the many things I have in common with Annie Lennox is a desire to know who that dancing duo are. The twitter thread tells me they’re called Funkanometry, they’re from Nanaimo, British Columbia, and they made it at least to the semi-finals of “America’s Got Talent.” Which, (sic), because Nanaimo, BC, is not America, so maybe those episodes should have been renamed “America and Its Neighbor Got Talent.”

  2. I fiiiiiinally figured out, yesterday late in the evening, why I felt like crap all day (sweaty, low-grade nausea, mild headache, and DIZZY🙃).

    I realized I’ve felt *exactly* like that, a few years back–not too long after we moved into this apartment…

    Looked it up in the notes my endocrinologist had written, and YEP!!!

    The stupid “new” medicine that our DUMB new insurance plan made me switch to?

    It was the sake one I was yanked OFF of, back in early 2020, because I was having so many of the “rare” & strange/uncommon side effects🙃

    There are only *two* pill-form medicines on the damn formulary for our stupid new plan…

    The one that gives me Vertigo, annnnnd the one that gives me so much digestive trouble, that I spend 45-50 minutes out of each hour i’m on it, stuck in the bathroom….

    OBVIOUSLY I need to appeal this stupid medication–just like all my OTHER damn Diabetes meds (ALSO non-formulary!🙄🙃), but SERIOUSLY, this is NOT what I need (nor do I need uncontrolled Diabetes!🙄), DAYS before my Dad’s funeral–when I’m *supposed* to be getting shit DONE!

    It’s soooooooo FRUSTRATING, having to appeal all this shiz, on *top* of having to get on wait-lists to see ALL new providers, because NONE of my old folks are in-network for the crappy new plan.😖😱🥴

      • Thanks, Ellie!💖

        It’s being a damn NIGHTMARE, and I’m someone with tge extreme privilege of KNOWING *exactly* how to navigate the stupid insurance system.

        I’ve had *multiple* roommates over the years, who worked in Insurance Benefits &/or Medical Billing & Coding, *and* with my Child Life associates degree (and the time I spent in the hospital from THAT, *plus* being a Medical Weirdo *and* working in ECSE, I HAVE knowledge of how these systems work… and I’ve been *trying* to get my meds approved since I found out they wouldn’t be covered, back in August… and-and I even picked up 3-month supplies of them, at the end of August, so I’d theoretically HAVE time to get through this hell of an appeals process!)


        It makes me have SO MUCH empathy for my kiddos’ families–who have to navigate this shiz w/o that background, and it’s also 100% RIDICULOUS that the companies we PAY to give ilus coverage, are ALLOWED to jerk us around, and pull you OFF medicines that have been prescribed by our *specialists,* simply because that pharmacy plan doesn’t want to PAY for on-patent medications w/o making folks PROOVE there are *multiple* reasons for them to be ON that med🙃

        NONE of my ‘beetus meds are in this p.o.s. plan’s formulary–NONE of them… *everything* they DO cover is “old and first-line” diabetes meds, not the newer, more “tailored” medications…

        And when you add in the complicating factor of the Executive Function issues, from my ASD & ADHD? I just can’t UNDERSTAND why the bozos running this terrible insurance plan are so vehemently REFUSING to cover my stuff… I have EXPLAINED to *multiple* customer service reps, at this point, that either I CAN’T work, if I’m on these meds (because of the side effects–which WOULD eventually mean i lose my job–and then they’ll lose the money from my plan!!! *OR* I end up in the damn hospital, costing them SO MUCH more, and it’s just frickin’ RIDICULOUS…

        Hell, after talking to my (“new” but previous,  back when she worked under my former in-network system–before she quit there to work for this other in-network system) Primary’s nurse this AM, i’m currently in Urgent Care, and the Dr. here just said he wants to run an EEG/EKG, because *stressed out* me has an elevated heart rate right now (yet another of Jardience’s “Rare” side effects!😂🙃🥴😖😱)


        I KNOW my goddamned body, I KNOW this is 100% side effects–because SO many meds hit me strangely due to my Autism & strange neurological wiring… but do folks EVER believe me, the first times I see them?


        • They really do act like there’s no difference in meds for people and that simply isn’t the case. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this exceptionally new bullshit on top of all the other things you have to do.

          • Thanks, Brighter!

            I DID fiiiiinally get some GOOD news, late this afternoon!🤗🤗🤗

            Apparently as I was attacking it all from the front, with every tool & taxtic I knew, the District’s Insurance Lead was *also* negotiating on the back channels, because late this afternoon, I had a message saying I had been approved for an “override,” annnnd now my Beetus meds ARE covered!😃🤗💖🥳


            I have NO idea, what magic she worked, but I sent a GIANT thank-you email to her, as i sat crying in my car!

            I didn’t have any idea, that Apparently she’d been working HER angles, since I sent her the info on my problem, 3+ weeks ago…

            But she got.it.DONE, and I can pick up my regular med tomorrow *and* it’s supposed to run around $15.00 for the month’s worth that I asked to get first💖💞💗💝

      • Thanks, @Hannibal!💖💞💗



        I fiiiiiinally got a bit of GOOD news, and an excellent break, this afternoon (in my reply to Brighter, above), *and* because I was at the same building-complex where the Endocrinology & Diabetic Ed departments are, I decided to just GO ask if they maybe had samples of the Farxiga, when I was there today…

        Ended up learning that my hunch was correct–they DO have samples, BUT because I haven’t yet *seen* anyone in-house i couldn’t get any to get me through…

        BUT, the good news was that,since I was there, and asked if the have a “cancelation list” of folks they call, (they don’t really), I was ALSO able to snag a spot that HAD just opened up, this Friday at noon-ish!!!😃😁🤗

        I no longer need to wait until *April* to get in with an Endocrinologist–i see one in two DAYS!!!

        AND tonight, I also got a call from the supervisor of the customer service team I’d called earlier today–reaching out, to make SURE I’d found out that 1. My meds are now COVERED (thanks to that override!), and 2. She let me know that the medicine/injection system i have from the previous plan–which i hadn’t been able to start *using* yet, may be covered now too!!! (it’s basically “halfway between a pen needle and an insulin pump,” because it’s an insulin-filled patch that has a tiny tube that stays in your body for 3-4 days. After the 3-4 days, you insert/put on a new patch–it gives you 2 units, each time you squeeze the sides of the patch… )

        That was the brand-new system that my LAST Endocrinologist & Diabetes Educator thought would be *perfect* for me to use, because it’s ATTACHED to me, and I can’t put it down & accidentally forget it somewhere😉😁💖

        So I’ll be bringing it with me, to my appointment Friday, and seeing if we can *maybe* get it rolling asap!😁🤗🥳💞

    • …I was going to reply to this but that turned into something longer than one of those endless DOTs so I don’t know what I’m going to do with that particular wall of text

      …but I’d note that the yuga labs lot that are the principle beneficiaries of the NFT game are being sued, along with a lot of the celebrities whose endorsement helped spike the value of those bored apes of theirs…in large part because said celebrities were compensated for their endorsements via obfuscated payments

      …but their plans to keep their snowball rolling are still getting fairly favorable press coverage…& those plans include the metaverse & NFT-based “real” estate deeds for “land” in a game

      …because apparently the good things about stuff like minecraft isn’t the keeping money out of it part…or something?

    • …don’t know if the underlying stuff is any nearer being resolved…but pretty sure it was a 24hr deal for the strike itself

      …so wordle is not behind a picket line to the best of my knowledge?

  3. That LeBron story is pretty good but fails to mention that Udonis Haslem hasn’t played more than about a minute in at least 5 years.  They keep him as a playing coach, so it is not too hard on him while LeBron is playing 30+ minutes a game at an MVP level.  He is definitely a freak of nature.

    This is pretty damning…


    They don’t even try to look impartial anymore…


    Finally getting a little attention but doubt they will actually do anything to prevent the inevitable…


    • …I’m a little hazy on the details of who specifically knew what in advance of jan 6th…but the example of the DHS person in that article is not the first of those kinds of stories I’ve come across

      …there were people just re-posting stuff that had been openly discussed online where they could see it without any particular specialist access or anything who could see that there were various known groups who were representing as potential threats that weren’t getting reacted to the way they would expect…but even if the DoJ goes hard on this stuff I’m not sure we’re ever likely to be in a position to know where that blind eye & the insurrectionists married up?

      …the more I find out about it the more relieved I am that it didn’t go the way a lot of people seemed to want it to go…because they got a long way down that road in a lot of less visible ways than a crowd of mostly-useful-idiots breaching the capitol?

  4. In today’s suburban DRAMA, pull up a chair.

    So my suburb has the usual amount of feral cats and the trap&release groups do their best.

    But also, despite the presence of 3 highways and several 5 lane thoroughfares, etc, there’s a fuckton of people who just let their cats roam around outside.

    Inevitably, someone finds a cat (sometimes in rough shape) and posts on the Facebook page “hey is this anyone’s cat?” with varying results. When the owner is like “OMG thank you he got out this morning by accident we’ve been looking all day” okay no issues. But when the owner is “oh that’s my cat, he’ll wander home when he’s ready” it breaks out the factions of *letting your cats roam in urban areas is bad and dangerous* vs *no really it’s good for them they get bored inside*. 

    So today’s drama. Someone posted they found an intact male with no collar and they were taking him to the local APA. And omg omg you’d think she was Satan incarnate for this since the owners saw the post and were like no no don’t take him.

    She saw the comments when she arrived at the APA and still dropped him off. So now the owners are super pissed at her and calling her all sorts of names. 

    • …I know it’s possible to put a chip in pets that can be read to provide the details that used to be stamped on a disc attached to a collar…but…you’d have to take the animal to somewhere that has a reader before you’d know that

      …so if you don’t want your pet to be left at somewhere like a vet or a shelter for you to have to come & collect…maybe you need to put at least a phone number on a collar?

      …vaguely recall a friend having a cat that houdini’d its way out of every collar they tried to get it to wear so I suppose there’s at least a chance the owners didn’t choose to not have a collar on it…but I fail to see why they should get to be angry about this…if she was already at the place she could leave it when she found out it wasn’t a stray did they expect her to waste more of her time taking it to them so they didn’t have to be responsible for collecting it?

      • Yeah it was annoying and their response was rude.

        I think they assumed she should just go home and let the cat wander off back to do his thing.

        Bare minimum he should be neutered if they’re letting him roam. Which also is against the law in my suburb to have a pet off leash (excluding in the dog parks).

  5. I am so disappointed I could not sneak this in to Saturday’s Brain Drain about Christmas movies. Here’s a complete 2-hour-long TV movie from 1980 starring Michael Learned (from “The Waltons”) and John Houseman (from “What was he thinking?” in this case):

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