Accomplishments Post [NOT 12/10/22]

Hi, friends!

I ate cookies for breakfast and then had a lovely chocolate chunk cookie after lunch. Lots of vitamin C today. Because C is for cookie.

Anyways, I’m off to take a walk because it’s gorgeous weather today.



  1. About 12 days ago I hit 11 miles of running.

    Make that plodding. Slow plodding. The bummer is that about five days ago I got a wicked calf cramp or something and had to stop very early. But I seem to have recovered, so I’m easing back into this thing.

      • He’ll pay a lot. He will not dodge a big payout.

        Unfortunately he’s worth a mountain, he probably has a lot hidden, and he can drag out appeals for a decade and reduce what he pays. But a lot of dimes, pretty likely someday. 

        Basically his defense attorneys were that bad, and he was the worst client possible. If they had been been better they’d have a better chance of dodging a serious payout. But this really was the worst defense possible.

    • I saw something about how they had to send a note to the judge asking for a new form to list the damages they had agreed on. Wild guess is the first time around they ran out of room for all the zeroes.

  2. My *main* accomplishment today, was managing to fold an Origami Ball (YES, following the pictures!😉), for the first time in, probably, about 30+ years😁

    I make jumping frogs, the paper boat (from Curious George Rides a Bike)–which i use to kill time entertain kids–by *also* telling the story of “The Captain’s Shirt,”** and sometimes I make paper cranes (flying, mostly) and fortune-tellers…

    But i was a high-schooler or younger, the last time I tried making the ball…

    It was SHOCKINGLY easy, and it’s totally going into the “list of things ‘Ms Emmer’ can make, when kids are melting down, and the only thing I have nearby is paper!”😉😆😂🤣💖

    Scrap-paper frogs and that goofy old ship story that *I* loved as a three-year-old, have SAVED my ass, more times than I can count!😉😁💫

    As for the rest, in any spare time, I’ve been mostly working on making “support materials” for using in various classrooms, to help staff with kiddos who have “bigger behaviors” or support needs.

    The pre-K room I’m in in the afternoons didn’t *have* any of the visuals we use in ECSE all the time, so I’ve made sets of pretty much everything.

    And I’m also making copies for the before & after school program I’m at, because we don’t have *multiple* sets of them, like I prefer (so that we can just HAVE sets of them in multiple locations *simultaneously* for all the staff to access easily & quickly).

    I also want a couple sets in *my* “Field Trip Backpack,” because I’m going to be working some of the “out of school days,” and those occur at other schools/sites… having been sent *all over the district* as a Paraprofessional for the Pre-K & ECSE programs, I know that you don’t always have access to the tools/visuals you’re used to at the different buildings…. sooooo I want sets that *my* supervisor can bring, when we go to those different buildings & places–so I can use the stuff I NEED, if a kid is having a hard day…

    Which is COMMON when you’re talking kids with ASD, who (like ME!😉) like their normal routines, and may struggle a bit, when forced *out* of those routines💖

    **the ship story my mom told me was basically the following;

    “One day, a little ship went saaaiiiilllling on the ocean.  Suddenly, it hit an iceberg!!! (or rock) And the FRONT end FELL OFF!” (Dramatically tear off one corner, and throw it over your shoulder).

    “So the boat backed up, but it hit a HUUUUUGE ROCK (or an/another iceberg, etc!.), and the BACK END FELL OFF!!!” ( Tear off the *other* pointy end of the boat, again throwing it *somewhere,* dramatically😉)

    “But the little ship kept saaaailing along, and saaaailing along, until, SUDDENLY, the ENGINE BLEW UP!!!” (Tear off the top point, via a curved line).

    “So the poooor little ship sunk. It went allllll the way down, to the boooootom of the ocean” (unfold the ship, as it lazily sinks to the floor)…

    “And allllllll that was left… was the Captain’s SHIRT!” (Suddenly hold up the unfolded “shirt” in front of the probably-giggling child😉😁)

    I used to make my mom tell that story over, and over, (and over, and over…) as a preschooler… and I’ve had a few kids i worked with, who’ve loved it, too.

    The most important part, of course, to getting a kid to love it, is making a complete & utter ass of oneself, as you tell the story!😉

    If you tell it calmly, with a regular speaking voice, and *don’t* throw the torn-off bits of paper everywhere, as you tell the story?

    You’re telling it wrong!🙄🤫😁

    You need to be goofy & dramatic, in order to distract the kiddo from their meltdown & get ’em refocused & calm💖

  3. Brighter, your Cookies sound like the best sort of breakfast (and now you’ve got me wanting cookies!😉🤣💖)


    This is the best I can do, for now, though!

    And that one reminded me of *this* one:

  4. Also, HOW on earth, did I just learn (minutes ago!🥸), that Stewart Rhodes’ legat/given name is Elmer Stewart Rhodes III?!?!???

    How was that not all over the Gawkerverse, back in the day?

    I mean, the militia/disbarred lawyer/ Elmer Fudd jokes would’ve written themselves, for Pete’s sake!!!😉

    How did I JUST learn this?🤯

    And apparently the man *also,* A Christmas Story-ied himself?!?

    That should’ve been Gawkerverse GOLD, y’all!

    Seriously, the jokes would’ve written themselves —you know the hilarious folks who we hung out with, down in the greys–they were hilarious!😂💖


  5. We still live very cautiously (limited time spent in public and always masked). However, we’ve expanded our list of “Risks that are worth it for our sanity” to include small gatherings at home. I hosted dinner twice this past week for friends whose kids are our kids’ ages. It has made an immense difference in lowering my stress levels and offsetting my sense of impending doom… 😂 even though I’m cooking for double the amount of people that I’ve grown accustomed to.

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