Actually, It’s Tuesday [DOT 21/1/20]

Tuesday hits different after a long weekend, let me tell you.

In review…

We all gotta die sometime…


Peter Thiel continues to be super cool…

Make good choices!



  1. …you know that time orange foolius stared at the sun during that eclipse because he’s a colossal dumbass who appears selectively deaf to good sense?

    …& you know how Nelson famously put a telescope to a blind eye in order to faithfully claim to “see no message”?

    …so, yeah – number one in the universe…sure, donnie

    …do you think he gets that it would have to go for the whole planet & that until we stumble upon an alien species dumb enough to let us it’s a field of one?

    …what am I saying – of course he doesn’t, he can’t think his way to the end of a fucking sentence unless someone else writes it down and scrolls it across an autocue…& even Ron Burgundy could do that & “stay classy”…in fact I think you could reasonably argued that Dolt45 represents the personification of Searle’s Chinese Room argument for the distinction between ostensible & actual intelligence

  2. Clearview AI more like Creepview AI.

    Why the fuck would someone need that? Unless you’re law enforcement.

    I can’t loathe Peter Thiel anymore than I do already.

    • Law enforcement doesn’t need that, either. The potential for abuse is too high, and they’ve proven themselves unworthy of that trust far too many times.

    • Oh god, what good can come out of this? Women will be terrified to even look at men. See, even if a woman just looks at a men, that means she wants to have sex with him.

      What a creep…

  3. …also, if we’re doing rip-offs of Lucy’s booth & the image will attach

  4. Fuck that Clearview App. Fuck it!

  5. Been loving this.

    Dems whining McConnell is going to prevent introduction of evidence or witnesses…

    But no one of note seems to complain when a federal judge does the same.

    > On December 13, the chief judge of the US District Court for Washington, DC, Beryl A.
    > Howell, denied discovery motions requested by the defendants.

    American justice: rubber stamping what the elites want since inception.

  6. Quiet around here today!

    • …thanks for the link & thanks for dropping by

      …best you’re glad you picked being an elf over sticking with mankind but congrats on getting some wifi aboard the Vingilote?

      • Thank you! You gotta stick by your woman. Didn’t Joliet Jake sing that in the Blues Brothers? Nice film! Plus immortality ain’t so bad!

        Elwing developed 802.11me, with code she retrieved from the Silmaril in her possession, and it is fantastic. Coupled with the extremely powerful antennas at the Vingilote, courtesy of Círdan the Shipwright, I’m getting speeds higher than what they’re getting at Valinor. I downloaded the Blues Brothers in less than a second. Helps pass the time in my long sea journeys!

    • Nice to see you thanks for stopping by!

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