Adulting Sucks [NOT 23/5/22]

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Hi, friends!

How is your day going?

One of the things I was thinking about today were behavior changes that are basically adulting.

Like sunblock. I feel like it’s only been the last 10 years or so that “for fuck’s sake, wear sunblock, seriously, wear it all the time” has become a thing.

Growing up, my parents would make me wear it for like a day at Six Flags or if we were going to a big outdoor family party at a park, but that was it. Running around all day outside with the cousins? Nope. Going to the pool up the street for a few hours? Nope. Nah, it’s fine since you’re not out all day.

High school me? Eh I’d prefer not to get sunburned because they’re a little painful, but oh well if it’s red or whatever. It will heal quickly.


Late 20s me? Oh huh I need to not burn. And wear sunblock more regularly.

Mid/late 30s me? Oh god yes give it to me, I need that spf 50+ for my face. Every day. I neeeeeed it. I need one of those European brands that has higher safety standards than the FDA, too, for ingredients.

Anything like that for you?



  1. If I hadn’t left the islands, I would have died of skin cancer by now.  I wear big hats & cover up now but every couple years my dermatologist makes me do the liquid chemo stuff that makes precancerous spots light up & by the 3rd week of it you look like a leper.  I used sunscreen as a kid but really good waterproof ones didn’t come out until the 80s, other than zinc oxide.  Now you have to make sire they are reef safe too as many of them are really bad for the ocean.

    • Yeah I started buying reef safe a few years ago, but I feel like it’s more “this is less bad” than “this is actually safe for aquatic ecosystems”. And also wearing swim leggings with SPF fabric to cut down on what needs to be used.

    • For a long time I thought because I’m Korean and we get really dark in the sun, I had no problems with skin cancer compared to lighter skinned folks.


      Had a non cancerous lump removed and my doctor told me that thanks to all the moles on my skin I’m basically a red headed freckled pale skinned Irishman (ie:  my doctor who is all that.)

      Ever since then, it’s been a hat and covering up. I once horrified my ex with my now pale skin. She called me ghost.


  2. Seatbelts. When I was a kid nobody gave a shit about them or if anyone wore them. In fact my criminal father used to shove a used match book in the lock of the driver’s side seatbelt to keep the dinger from going off.
    When I was a teenager seatbelts were decidedly Not Cool. But this was when mandatory seatbelt laws were coming into effect and I started getting tickets.
    When I was in college I had already gotten enough $50 fines that I knew it was no longer worth avoiding putting the seatbelts on.
    Now I won’t even put the car in gear until everyone is buckled in.

    • My mom was always adamant I wear a seatbelt as a kid, so it’s never not been a thing for me. But also I’m 38 and I have a few friends who just refuse to wear them. Even got a “well it’s fine to require it for kids, but adults should be able to do what they want” whine from one of them. I mean okay I don’t want to go through a windshield in a car accident, but you do you, buckaroo…

    • We used to ride in back of pick up trucks & it is still legal in Hawaii.  It makes me cringe to think of all the times I did that with a drunk & stoned teen driving.  I was shocked to reality when I was driving someone to the airport at sunrise & saw a truck on its side & bloody kids all over the freeway!  Never do that again!

  3. I got that half-Sicilian blood that means I’m about 30% olive oil by volume.  So I don’t burn.  I figure my need for Vitamin D ranks higher than my fear of skin cancer.  I mean, I wear a big old had when I’m outside working, but I’m not really too worried about it.

  4. Moisturizer – if I had a time machine I’d go back and tell young me that dewy look doesn’t last forever, start taking care of it now!
    I didn’t start using it until my 20s, and even then not consistently. I’m lucky that I have good skin and come from a long line of wrinkle free people but I still could have benefited from it.

    • Thanks to having oily skin, I always was told “wash all the oil and gunk off, then moisturize with something clean and not your gross skin oil” prior to getting smarter with skincare in my late 20s. So on the one hand, at least I consistently moisturized. On the other hand, I really did use overly astringent cleansers prior to slathering on that moisturize. Shrug. Like your excellent, point, a time machine would be great here.

  5. 18 year old me:  Who needs to work, I’m smart as fuck.

    25 year old me:  Gotta work, but will pass on the OT.

    50 year old me:  Fuck, I need the $$$ and gotta work extra OT.

  6. i never use sunblock…i hardly ever burn either tho…tho thats probably in part coz i step outside hiss at the sun and then slink off into the shade

    i like sunny days…but dislike being in direct sunlight…unless im in water…or its winter and below freezing

    i overheat quickly and easily

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