Advice Post! [NOT 10/11/22]

Hi, friends!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had an advice post. Give unsolicited advice! Solicit advice!

Or just talk about whatever, because it’s a NOT and just do what you want!

Unsolicited advice from me:

don’t plant radish seeds and arugula seeds in the same general area because you won’t be able to tell the leaves apart when they start growing.

I did pick one cute lil’ radish though since the root was showing so there’s that at least. I think I planted about 20 radish seeds so assuming a few didn’t germinate I guess there’s a fun guessing game coming over ther weekend.



  1. I went to a local indy running shoe store yesterday instead of some discount shoe megamart, and it was totally worth it. I was pretty much locked into what I wanted, but still had a couple of things I wanted to try, and they were totally helpful.

    What’s more, there were a couple of women shopping who were very unclear in what they wanted except something for walking, and they were getting the full service treatment.

    Considering a pair of shoes potentially has a big impact on your feet  ankles, knees, hips and back for a long time, it’s totally worth it even if the cost is $20 more than a chain store or Amazon, and it may not even be that much.


  2. On the random thoughts tangent —

    I’m irrationally disappointed to learn that Chris Evans, 41, has been dating Alba Baptista, 25, for over a year. He’s just going full DiCaprio with dating someone young. She doesn’t even pass the divide by 2 and add 7 arbitrary age range equation me and my friends did back as teens and twentysomethings.


  3. The site’s lead project manager for the IT project/endless joke/Cluster fuck showed up at the dept today asking questions that he and the rest of Team Idiot should have asked some 2 years earlier during planning, not 6 months before deployment.

    Not. A. Single. Fucking. Clue.

    He should be fired (out of a cannon) but upper management will probably promote him.

    And more proof why I never will ever get promoted here.  My partner and I got handed a product that needed to be done 3 hrs earlier (part of the problem was the lazy asshole they got to work on this product during the night shift.)

    I am one of those folks who if you tell me when you need it I will do my best to get it done. Instead I got some idiot riding my ass telling me repeatedly about how important it was.  I grumbled very loudly to my partner that that idiot didn’t know shit and he should shut the fuck up just as he opened the door. Instead of looking away embarrassed, I glared at him as he ran away.

    Yes. I. Am. That. Asshole.

      • No one is noticing/pointing out yet, something REALLY interesting regarding the possibility of Twitter going bankrupt (and the *possibility* of Tesla also going down–but for sure tanking in stock value!!!)…


        ElontheIdiot went to the Saudis, in order to get the rest of the funds he needed, after certain banks decided the buyout was too risky…

        The *same* Saudis who made BANK pff their Oil sales last year….

        110 Billion or so, last year…

        The same Saudis who stand to lose billions every year, as the world begins to depend more & more on EV’s…

        Like that “most famous EV company in the world,” whose stocks are currently tanking, because a certain loud-mouthed DUMBASS is overextended & leveraging his *other* business, to take possession of his *new* toy…

        If I were a wealthy Prince, looking to keep control of an incredibly youthful nation, which is staring down *both* a tanking of our revenue stream over the coming decades, and the inevitable carnage & havoc Global Climate Change is going to bring?

        Spending even *half* of that 110 Billion i made last year would sound like a fucking bargain, if I could slow–or better yet–temporarily eliminate that EV company, and ensure that rich & wannabe-rich folks still buy another 1-2 Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, before they *finally* switch over to EV’s.

        44Bil would be a goddamned bargain, if I got to keep my country peaceful while I rake in record profits for another handful of years!


        Brought to y’all by the intersection of Tweets about Bonesaws, self-propelled cars crashing, *and* imploding batteries😉😂🤣

        These were in the thread, that made me think that there *might* just be someone–who’d *also* have both farms and solid interests in tanking Twitter & creating additional carnage, who may profit *handsomely,* while considering billions lost “a good investment!


        Eta, ‘cuz I forgot the tweet threads:


    • I’m not going to judge you for that.

      I straight up told a sr director today to “please use your words to just tell me what you need me to do here” after several emails where I was like what the fuck do they want with this.

  4. I tore my meniscus yesterday in a freak accident here on the farm.  I may need surgery, but right now I’m really hobbled and will have to cancel my tai chi classes for at least a few weeks.  It’s got me down.  I’ll pick up when the acceptance stage kicks in, but right now I feel like I’m letting people down.

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