Advice Post [NOT 7/3/22]

Hi, friends!

We haven’t had an advice post in a while, which is a damn shame because we got smart minds here.

Got any questions/things you’re contemplating and want to survey the group for insight?

I’ll start!

I’ve got a trip planned next month to somewhere with ridiculously expensive rental cars. Anyone have experience with Turo?



    • When I was a kid we had a hammock strung up between 2 trees in the yard. It was super fun but sometimes there were spiders or ants on the hammock and child me was kinda prissy about insects.

  1. Never used Turo.  Funny thing is it really must depend on where you’re going, because I’m going to be in Madison, WI soon and getting a full size car was only slightly more expensive than I’m used to–and they had plenty of inventory.

    Advice:  Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow.

      • Only bad thing in Hawaii is they don’t usually pick up at airport w/out a big fee so make sure you can get to where car is.  For me I can get friends to drop me off but if your car is in a sketchy area to get to it could be more hassle than the savings.  I can help if u want.  Just send me a message.

        • Oh yeah, this plan already has me ubering to the hotel and then getting the rental the nxt day and for only part of the trip.

          But there are some Turo cars that you pick up near the Honolulu Zoo which is a decent area to walk around. And I don’t care if the car is a few years old.

  2. No advice here, just popping in for a quick pupdate: I want to thank everyone for such kind words the other day regarding my doggo. She made it through the weekend and is fairly perky at times on her new heavy meds. Of course, the prognosis remains; and she vacillates between good days and bad. But at this point I’m cautiously optimistic that we may have a week or two left as opposed to days, as the vet guessed. Making the most out of whatever time we have left together and spoiling her rotten with her favorite yummy treats.

  3. I haven’t used Turo yet but have one booked for May.  My brother told me he uses & if you book last minute is great.
    As for solid advice?  Don’t find dates on Craigslist.

  4. “Are you leaving? Where the fuck are you going?”

    Oh, and I’m thinking of using some topical CBD cream or whatever for my sore knee. Has anyone got any recommendations?

    • I’ll only be gone for a week! I’m coming back! I can’t afford to live where I’m going so definitely coming back to StL.

      I don’t know about CBD creams. I got one from the CBD shop in downtown Maplewood that honestly is a little too crunchy granola, even for me, but underwhelming. I needed it for arthritis in my hands but the little metal tin was super painful to open when my hands hurt. So mixed feelings. Hurt like fuck to get it open, but nice once I could open it and apply.

    • The one I use is Nature’s Grace Menthol & Cayenne Cannabis-infused Lotion. It’s not straight CBD, it’s also got a small amount of THC, and I’m not sure if that’s legal by you. It works great on my hands and wrists.

  5. I’m the last person you want to go to for advice, but today and tomorrow are sheep-shearing days here on the farm, and Pendy (short for “Independence” because she was born on July 4) came to see what all the fuss was about.  She’s sporting her Spring colors.  I don’t like to play favorites with the donkeys, but Pendy is sweet and small (she’ll get bigger after she’s a year old) and likes to be hugged.

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