After the Holidays Some Still Need a Vacation? [NOT 4/1/20]

I don’t know about you, but I could really use a break from the off-and-on breaks that were this holiday season. I’m not a religious person, but I think we need to make Christmas and Boxing Day Sunday and Monday every year. Same with New Years. If the astrologists can turn a blind eye to Ophiuchus in order to squeeze in Scorpio just so it fits into their calendar year, surely we can celebrate the new year a day or two early. FIGHT ME!

Speaking of breaks, I could use a vacation right about now…Where would you rather be?

Private Russian jet’s interesting flight path:

Courtesy of Bellaluna:

207 members of congress have asked the stolen SCOTUS to consider overruling Roe Vs. Wade.

After years of bouncing through the courts, last September Texas’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeals declared Louisiana’s law constitutional, and denied June’s petition for a rehearing. It will now be heard in March by an increasingly conservative SCOTUS, backed today by an increasingly conservative Congress. Here are the lawmakers, most of them men—including two House Democrats, Illinois’s Daniel Lipinski and Minnesota’s Collin Peterson—who signed their names to the amicus brief. These are 207 lawmakers who do not support your right to make decisions about your own body. Vote them out, and read the full amicus brief here.

Update in Aussieville:

Unpopular PM brings in the military.

On Saturday, the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, announced his government would send Australia’s largest warship, HMAS Adelaide, to help evacuation efforts from towns on the Victorian coast cut-off by fires, compulsorily call up 3,000 army reservists to assist in fire recovery, and put $20m towards leasing four more water-bombing aircraft.

Morrison has faced acute criticism over his government’s inaction over the bushfires, some of which have been burning since September, and over his government’s climate change policies, criticised as unambitious and ineffective in reducing emissions.

Canadian Etiquette:

Because the racist idiot who Canada voted for the top job in the country doesn’t sit in his private resorts egging other countries into war willy nilly, the big news around here is that the captain of the Canadian junior hockey team forgot to remove his helmet for the Russian national anthem after a devastating 6-0 loss:

…the drama will come to a conclusion tomorrow after Canada faces Russia in the Gold medal game whether or not the forgetful culprit returns from his injury against Finland today.

Rod Stewart Charged:

The Bruiser aka Rod Stewart and his son have been charged with simple battery after the Maggie Mae singer punched a security guard in the “ribcage area” on NYE. According to the affidavit, the hotel’s cameras revealed that Rod and his son were the “primary aggressors.”

Stewart’s son, Sean Stewart, then “got about ‘nose to nose’ distance” from the security guard’s face, police said. The security guard placed his hand on Sean Stewart’s chest and asked him to give him space when Sean Stewart shoved him backward.

Rod Stewart then punched the security guard in his left ribcage area, police said.

Proof that this works:

With this extra $500, the most valuable thing that people are buying is time. Time to parent, time to rest, time to be part of a community and time to figure out the next move. Tomas had previously been so busy working side gigs he had no time to spend with his kids at the pool. Another participant quit her second job driving for Lyft; simply having one job instead of two opened up all kinds of time and space in her life. That $500 also afforded participants the time they needed to take big steps forward. One participant, Jovan, saved the $500 month after month until he had enough for a down payment on a larger rental home for his family. Sheila used to describe her emotional state as the “straight line emoji”. With that extra $500 a month, Sheila says that her stress has reduced and her sleep has improved and now she’s the “happy face emoji”.

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  1. OK…so it’s maybe a little long on conjecture & short on verification but that thread about the jet from Russia to Florida is some shady seeming shit & no mistake…

  2. 1. Scorpio > Ophiuchus.
    2. Scorpio > the rest.
    3. I too need a vacation from the vacation. Even if it’s being confined to home. Christmas was nonstop hustle and chaos and I worked NYD and this weekend. If I am lucky, I might make it home to catch SEA/PHI in a couple hours.
    4. These are the dark times and this is the darkest timeline. Yet here we are.

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