Afternoon Check-Up

DO YOUR JOB. Just do it. If you want to be the point person then be that person. Don’t drop the ball and screw everyone else. Do I need to email you one more time?

End of year inventory.

People are lazy.

I need to find a hammer.

End of rant.

How is your day going?



  1. What I say: We need to get together with the other teams to ensure consistent messaging.

    What I think: Arrrgh! You’ve worked here for years; part of your job is to talk about the product in public. And yet, you go off-script and say stuff that is patently incorrect? Please engage your brain before you open your mouth!

    Also: TGIF, DeadSpinterites! Cocktail hour will begin a 3:15 PM for me!

    • While you’re downing your first one I will be at the Public Health Clinic (supposedly a private not-for-profit medical group; in realty very similar to East Harlem Catholic charities outlet Elvis Presley worked in, alongside Mary Tyler Moore, in Change of Habit.)

      This group is theoretically allied with the hospital chain where I spend loads of quality time seeing specialists, and yet the two don’t communicate. At the Clinic, I will see an intern I have never met before (not an internist, an intern doing a residency) who will greet me and say, “I have read your case files but tell me again in your own words…” which very obviously means, “I don’t have time to read this shit. You tell me what’s wrong.” But they’re all very nice and young and maybe their “trainings” are still fresh in their minds.

      Nothing is (unusually) wrong with me, I just need a couple of prescription refills, but they won’t give them to me without an in-person chat. These are blood pressure medications, not psychiatric drugs or prescription pain relievers.

      It’s quite a system we have in this country.

      • We switched all our doctors who were not within the major regional hospital affiliation for just that reason. Now any medical persons can see histories, drugs, etc. Precheck-in online. Still have to show up for refills (like you, no fun drugs). My current family doctor is an awesome young woman who cares about her patients (and remembers them), and responds in a timely fashion to messages within the online portal. She also loathes insurance companies.

    • “Yes, I’m still waiting to hear back from (person) on (other team) for the answer to your question because as discussed last week, unfortunately we don’t own that application.”

      – no, I don’t fucking know because that is something that my team doesn’t fucking have any control over

  2. I had surgery yesterday! Permanent birth control achievement unlocked, state of Missouri and the Supreme Court can piss off.

    And in similar fashion to cousin Matthew, I had to tell every single nurse doctor etc yesterday my name, date of birth, and what I was there for…despite them holding my chart in their hands for each individual conversation. I guess there’s been screw ups where someone thought they were getting one surgery and woke up to colonoscopy results instead???

    • And good for you, as your body, etc. etc. The prove who you are thing is all about the lawsuit, eh? Meh, I will doing fewer health things with the new, very poor med insurance we have (rolls eyes).

      • I have good insurance and a good obgyn who doesn’t play bullshit games despite working for a catholic hospital system.

        And it turns out that removing fallopian tubes is preventative care for both never getting accidentally pregnant and reducing ovarian cancer risk! Apparently a lot of ovarian cancer actually starts in the fallopian tubes? I guess we don’t call it fallopian tube cancer because women’s bodies don’t matter?

        • Congratulations! I also didn’t know about fallopian tubes being the start point for ovarian cancer. I will do some research and spread the word to friends and family.

          TMI ahead…

          This week I learned that the mucus plug can regenerate if you lose it too early during pregnancy. I had a minor scare after some contractions and losing my mucus plug (only 28 weeks). Everything is fine. I just have to take it easy from now on which is easier said than done. Luckily my kids had their first full day in preschool today (9-1pm). I enjoyed a steaming hot cup of coffee in silence for the first time in years.

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