Ah, Monday! [DOT 23/1/23]

Good Morning! Guess what gang, this is my 700th Deadsplinter post. Can we make it like the 700 Club, but you know, like cool?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Try and keep up:

Monterey Park shooting suspect, 72, found dead of self-inflicted gunshot

We can’t go 24 hours…

Baton Rouge nightclub shooting injures 12


Stock futures are flat as investors weigh the Fed’s next policy move and await a busy earnings week


49ers top mistake-prone Cowboys; Bengals upset Bills in the snow

Have a great day!



    • I live nearish Buf and today is going to be a sad day in mudville. They are pretty obnoxious fans, part of me isn’t upset they lost, but part of me wanted Bif to finally get over the hump, also, Joe Mixon is a pile of shit and is on Bungals so I can’t pull for them.

  1. I spent way too much of my day watching this.  It was great to see a local lifeguard win the competition named after the first lifeguard at this historic big wave beach.  Instead of the “I’m going to Disneyland” thing he is going back to the lifeguard stand to make sure everyone stays safe!

    • That AP story makes me wonder what the deal with the oldest son, James, is — since he’s the only one not involved in the legal actions.

      Regardless, just a sad, messy situation all around.

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