Ahhh Monday [NOT 6/6/22]

Thank you, Moira Rose, for this gem.

Hi, friends!

I got nothing today. It was a day filled with twits and stupidity, so like any other given work day. The good news was that they fixed the fancy coffee machine that automagically makes lattes, espresso, iced coffees, etc. It’s all mediocre coffee, but hey it’s convenient and free.

How was your day?



  1. I got the junior supervisor who really doesn’t like me out of my non existent hair as he has moved on to another role. Ironically, the role was one I had interviewed for but realized that it wasn’t a good fit for me (personally or professionally.)

    Considering who interviewed me, I was surprised I even got an interview.

  2. I am alone again (with the Faithful Hound, natch) because apparently the pandemic is over and we’re all partying like it’s 2-0-0-0-0-1-NINE! Yesterday I awoke from my pomada-induced afternoon siesta and put a big pot of spaghetti sauce on the boil. I figured a nice homely Sunday night spaghetti and meatballs dinner would be just the thing to hail the conquering hero of the dysfunctional Fire Island beach house. Toward the end of dinner Better Half said, “Can you take the dog for his final walk? I have to pack.”

    “Pack for where? You just unpacked.” Surprise conference in the sunbelt, his peer/subordinate (it’s a weird company) has Covid (a likely story) so can’t go, Better Half is a last-minute/superior fill-in. Fine. I have to remind myself that this was, indeed, what it was like pre-pandemic, he was always flying all over the place, and I’m perfectly capable of being a single parent to the Ravenous Hound.

    The bright side is I have converted the Casa Encantada into a test kitchen. The two drawbacks are that 1) my phone, which is now about 12 years old but works fine for what I want of it, which is very little, has lost its camera function. I suddenly discovered that this morning, when I went to take a couple of snaps unobserved by my Better Half, who sometimes lives like he’s in the witness protection program. I never really used the camera function, but I was eager to show you the sloppy messes I make so no one should be afraid to enthusiastically GET IN THERE AND COOK, as the popular cookbook has it. 2) I’m so over-quota on FYCEs that you may not read about my latest forays for some months. Maybe I’ll consult with the FYCE doyenne and move some stuff around. I try to keep my FYCE offerings at least a little seasonal or thematic somehow.

    Anyway, that was my Monday, plus I took two more jobs but they’re really simple so I am grazing seamlessly among the four, when not acting in my role as Deadsplinter Pest-in-Chief.

    Oh, and plus also, as Sarah Palin would say, on Saturday I was working on something Barcelona-related and it mentioned Almódovar’s 1999 film All About My Mother, which I had somehow never seen, so I watched that, it was excellent, and it drove me into the arms of the pomada pitcher, and, well…

      • @brightersideoflife we used to do so when we had more than three contributors. We can expand to five days on CousinMatthew alone, but that is a heavy lift for him in case he gets busy elsewhere (or becomes inadvertently unavailable). If anyone wants to be regular self-managing contributor and use the spreadsheet we all will welcome them! DM me.

        • And plus also, a LOT of the FYCE posts I throw at you are the cumulation of 30+ years of making or eating various things, and I kept notes, which are of varying quality. I don’t eat something different every day of the week for months on end. That’s why sometimes the post will be “I made/ate this and this recipe (cites source) is pretty much what I made/ate.” The Celebrity FYCEs I do for fun. I sometimes try to make and force-feed the results to Better Half, and then sometimes depending what’s in it to the ever-grateful Ravenous Hound, but mostly it’s me spreading celebrity gossip and pointing out quirky connections and unleashing my inner biographer/obit writer.

    • Barcelona-related, you say. . .? Color me intrigued.

      Oh, and All About My Mother was playing in the theaters for the better part of the year I lived in Spain, and when did I manage to see it? When my mom rented it from Blockbuster for me within a week or two of my return.

      • Have you ever read Robert Hughes’s Barcelona? It’s a social history, with plenty of art history thrown in, because he was Time‘s art critic for decades, back when Time was a serious magazine. It’s phenomenal and very, very funny in parts.

        • Haven’t read it, nope, but had I known about it 20 years or so before right now, I might have read it as a companion to Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. (And I was probably far from the only one to muse over whatever George would’ve thought when the plaça named for him was fitted with a security camera, presumably one of the first of hundreds by now.)

          By the way, @Memeweaver: If you’re over there and haven’t made it yet, Barcelona definitely has enough charm and allure to make me still dream of it for up to a decade after I returned to the States from there, but it’s pretty much oversaturated with tourists and pickpockets and other assorted bugaboos by now, as I discovered when I visited again the decade in question later. Definitely visit it, yeah, but Valencia may make for a similar but much less crowded alternative. (Plus, the paella’ll be authentic there!)

  3. There’s a cat sitting on my feet purring and I made some cookies and cream ice cream.

    The ice cream wouldn’t all fit in the container so I had to eat a bunch.

    So all in all not a terrible Monday evening!

  4. I got woken up by a fox screaming last night at 3:30, looked out the window, and saw it trot down the street and then turn into our alley.

    A fox was screaming just now, and curiously our dog who is hypertuned to any other dog walking down the street from 50 yards away just doesn’t care.

  5. i had monday off…so…it was pretty good

    i did nothing! great way to spend a day…i did however stay up till about 1 so when i woke up just now i figured i must have overslept coz it was already light


    apparently its light here at 04:30

    thats unreasonable!

    piss off sun…im not done with yesterday yet!

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