Almost Out of Winter [NOT 10/3/22]

Hi, friends!

We’re having one of those fun weeks where it’s going from chilly spring weather back to go fuck yourself it’s below freezing and all your spring plants might die. Like single digit windchills possible tomorrow night and Saturday morning.

So, what is the best way for me to pretend it’s not winter? I’m going to plant my lettuce, spinach, and maybe arugula seeds in lil’ cups tonight to get them started to go outside in a few weeks.

How is your day? Anything good happen?



  1. We have snow in the forecast Saturday, high of 25, lol. Fanny doesn’t care, I’ll be bundling up and walking whether I want to or not. But when I get back I’m gonna throw caution to the wind and take my YakTrax off of my Mucks with the expectation that it’s the last blast of winter.

    • Fanny is your dog, right? And not your great grandmother? Then good for you for letting her get her sniffing time. She can pay you back by sharing her higher-than-98.6-F body temp on the couch.

  2. We’re likely getting snow this weekend which, should it end up on the high end of the forecast, would make March about the snowiest month of the winter. Hasn’t been too bad! But I’m quite ready for spring (and not fake-one-day-60-degree spring or thermometer-says-50-but-actually-it’s-35-in-the-wind spring).

  3. other than a couple cold days over christmas we’ve not had winter yet…daytime temps in the 50s and nighttime in the high 30s…mostly sunny

    looks to be staying that way for the next 2 weeks….its pleasant….but damnit..i want winters with snow on the ground

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