…alternatively [DOT 30/1/22]

it had to happen sometime...

…so I blithely said I’d have a DOT together today…& at some point that could still happen in the sort of sense I meant it when I said that…but

…the thing is…between then & now someone (not even me, as it turns out) had an unexpected technical problem with a deadline looming in less than 24hrs…so after reading some exceedingly dry stuff that would make a singularly terrible DOT when this falls due I’m going to be trying to induce tractability out of obstinate tech with a lousy sense of timing…or possibly a desire for drama

…to be fair, that twitter account might keep you occupied for a while if you’re so inclined…or I when I get a chance I might try to knock up a trial post or two for spoilers-allowed talking about something…maybe the expanse…or not if anyone has a better idea…or gets to it before I have a chance…but in the meantime I will be trying to avoid someone having a no good, very bad sort of a day, I’m afraid



  1. good luck avoiding the bad day having someone!

    im going to walk to work on a sunday just to see how long it takes and then set about storm proofing the house and garden… or at least fixing all the bits that didnt hold up yesterday

    2 named storms in 3 days…why not…yesterday was only wind here tho it flooded germany…tomorow looks like its going to be flooding us…probably not enough for me to worrie about..but better to be prepared i guess

    • …as seems to be dictated by the computing sub-section of sod’s law…I think we’ve managed to triage things to the point that they should (fingers crossed) be able to get the stuff they need to done…but there’s clearly something still not working the way it should be so it isn’t really fixed and might go sideways on them at short notice

      …so I foresee a day of sifting through moderately obscure troubleshooting in hopes of either finding a way to actually fix things or some other step(s) to try if we end up back in a state of triage before the deadline bit passes & the whole business becomes less stressful

      …which likely means butcher will be happy as I probably won’t get to spoiling the brevity of this DOT?

  2. It’s 30 degrees here this morning. I’m sure pedestrians are being struck by falling iguanas as we speak. I mean, if there were any people out walking in 30 degree weather.


    No, really, we have one of those fun disjointed weather patterns this week where we’re probably going to get rain all day on Wednesday but if the temps change sooner tons of snow.

    One news station (the one with the meteorologists I prefer) say it’s too early to project yet, another one is saying maybe 6 inches, and another one is saying 12-18 inches.

    Personal opinion is we’ll get a fuckton of rain and then ice for a while and end up with minimal snow.

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