Americans Who Should Also Have a Statue Lest We Forget Our History, Ranked.

  1. James F. Blake getting hit by a bus
  2. Tim McVeigh
  3. Charles Stuart
  4. Ted Kaczynski
  5. John Wayne Gacy
  6. Susan Smith
  7. Charles Whitman
  8. William Calley
  9. John Walker Lindh
  10. Andrea Yates
  11. John Geoghan
  12. Benedict Arnold
  13. John Wilkes Booth
  14. Joseph McCarthy
  15. Jimmy Snyder
  16. Ken Lay
  17. Jeffrey Epstein
  18. Bernie Madoff
  19. Stacy Koon
  20. Patty Hearst


  1. Newt Fucking Gingrich – although I actually don’t want to have to look at that doughy pimple faced little bitch ever again. 

    The inscription should read –

    Never ever become complacent again people!

    – with proper grammar of course!

    • That’s a good one. One Scarlet Letter for you!
      Did you know that the Salem witches were hanged, not burned at the stake, as was common earlier in Europe? Of course Salem had a public gallows. There weren’t many other diversions, aside from Bible reading, and even then I don’t think you were supposed to do it alone, lest you go rogue and develop dangerous interpretations.
      Except for one witch. There was a guy whose name I’ve forgotten. He was pressed to death. This is done by securing the victim to a flat rock on his back (I think) and then adding heavy rocks, more and more, until the lungs and/or other useful organs collapse. 

      • Giles Corey

        was the “witch” pressed to death. Legend has it that while being tortured and told to confess he replied, more weight. I don’t know if that’s true though.

        • I believe he was pressed because he refused to plead, guilty or not guilty, in court because he didn’t want to legitimise the trials. One cannot be guilty, or not guilty, of something that doesn’t exist.

    • There are 15 crosses on the hill at Columbine HS, one for each of the 13 victims and one for Harris, one for Klebold. And I remember people pitching a fit about including them at the time. 

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