An Eye for an I…[NOT 7/1/20]

…And a twofer; a goof:

After Trump tweeted his intention to commit more war crimes by attacking Iranian cultural sites, Iranian official hints at targeting Trump properties. At the same time, the millions and millions of people gathering to mourn Qasem Soleimani has led to 50 deaths.

Speaking of blast offs:

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites with thousands more to follow.

…and successfully lands Falcon 9:

More on space:

Astronomers have successfully tracked repeating fast radio bursts from “a region that’s alive with star formation.”

The origin of this repeating signal is a spiral galaxy, located 500 million light-years from Earth, making it the closest known source of what we call fast radio bursts (FRBs) yet.

And the FRBs are emanating specifically from a region just seven light-years across – a region that’s alive with star formation.

“This object’s location is radically different from that of not only the previously located repeating FRB, but also all previously studied FRBs,” said astronomer Kenzie Nimmo of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

“Shockingly low bail”:

The alleged murderer of Nikki Kuhnhausen, a 17 year old transgender girl from Vancouver, WA, gets what some might consider a pretty fucking low bail.

At a hearing on January 2, however, Judge David Gregerson not only set a bail amount for Bogdanov, he set the amount at $750,000 – less than 1/6 of the $6 million that the prosecutors asked for, if bail had to be set at all.

The ruling prompted several of Kuhnhausen’s friends, family and several activists to start a “Justice for Nikki” chant. Lisa Woods, Kuhnhausen’s mother, told Judge Gregerson after his ruling, “I want to stress that the LGBTQ community is not safe with this monster on the streets.”

“I feel like the justice system just failed my baby one more time – it’s like her being murdered all over again,” she said outside the court room.

…Another bail:

Lizzo bails on Twitter and according to LGBTQNation, these are four of the reasons:

  1. A fat-shaming doctor said she was only popular because of America’s “obesity epidemic”
  2. Tomi Lahren tried to slam Lizzo for her impeachment tweet
  3. Trolls tried to discredit her reign as Billboard’s hottest female rapper
  4. Lizzo gets schooled for publicly blasting a food delivery person

Dog left to die; zipped in suitcase:

Toronto police are looking for more information about a female Jack Russell-mix dog that was found alive, zipped in a suitcase, and left to die.

Study on kids watching healthy cooking shows:

According to a recent study, watching healthy cooking shows has a positive effect on kids (even when it doesn’t affect them as kids).

Dr. Folkvord and the team also added that the effect of exposure to healthy foods on children, such as through watching TV shows, appears to be strongly influenced by their personality traits. For example, they explain that children who don’t like new foods are less likely to want healthy foods after watching a TV program featuring them than a child who does enjoy trying new foods.

However, as kids grow older they start to feel more responsible for their own food choices, and information they learned as children may now influence their eating habits. Therefore, the researchers say that watching programs with healthier options can still have a positive impact on children’s behavior, even if the effect is not seen immediately.

More on healthy eating:

Man with diabetes loses weight and cuts his medication needs in half after switching to a plant-based diet.

Within the first two months, he stopped taking four medications after his blood pressure and glucose improved. His insulin “steadily titrated downward.” The dosages for several medications were cut by as much as half within a few months, and he saw his creatinine levels (a kidney function measure) normalize for the first time in at least eight years.

A 12 and 13 year old shot in Wisconsin:

Welp. I had a scary experience when I was 11 or 12 after throwing snowballs at cars, but I was never shot…or shot twice.

ANOTHER earthquake in Puerto Rico:

This one a 6.4 on the Richter scale.

The quake was followed by a series of strong aftershocks, part of a 10-day series of temblors spawned by the grinding of tectonic plates along three faults beneath southern Puerto Rico. Seismologists say it’s impossible to predict when the quakes will stop or whether they will get stronger.

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  1. Space travel is neat and all, and I wouldn’t stop anyone, but that series Mars gave me nightmares.

    I cannot believe *anyone* would shoot at children throwing snowballs at cars.

    Puerto Rico is likely going to need FEMA aide again, and that will likely lead to more tweeting.

    • I cannot believe *anyone* would shoot at children throwing snowballs at cars.

      …considering the country in which it happened, I cannot claim to be surprised at all.

      Puerto Rico is likely going to need FEMA aide again, and that will likely lead to more tweeting paper towels hurled toward them.


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