1. So excited to see Drew back at it. Hope we can give him enough clicks to keep it going.

  2. Ah, well I was going to ask if we wanted to try a funbag when I post this week’s Knockoff Jamboroo, but I guess that answers that.

  3. I think you can still do it. We’re having fun here, and I don’t see that Vice has any comment section.

    • Good point…half the fun of funbag days was the comment sections. I’ll leave the note in, I may ping the discord server when it goes up cuz I’m gonna need to ensure that there’s demand before I give out the address and try to sort through any submissions. That sucker is a lot of work.

  4. Jesus. Vice Media cleaned up on the death of Deadspin.

  5. Vice is definitely a good fit for Drew, I’m happy to see he’s keeping the funbag alive as well. Thank you for sharing this +1

  6. Goddamnit, that was nice to read.

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