And We’re Back…[DOT 10/10/22]

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Some of you may still be enjoying a day off for Stolen Land Day AKA Canadian Thanksgiving or Indigenous Peoples’ Day AKA Columbus Day (Red States Only).

Let’s see what else is going on…

Ukraine Updates:

Putin blames Kyiv for attack on strategic Crimea bridge

Analysis: Putin is likely to take Kerch bridge blast as a personal affront and respond viciously

Shut up bruh

Taiwan politicians dismiss Elon Musk’s ‘ill-informed and belittling’ China comments

This guy’s been a Senator practically as long as I’ve been alive.

Republican Chuck Grassley vows to vote against a national abortion ban


Dow futures fall 170 points to start week with key inflation data, earnings ahead


Did they just hand their baby to The Rock?!?

Have a great day!



  1. Elon’s only guiding principle is Money.  Probably always has been.

    It’s true you can’t eat principles, but they’re what define you as a human being.  Being a sock puppet for dictators and communists… well. All I see with Elon is a spineless chickenshit who’ll do anything for a quick buck. Doesn’t matter who dies or pays to enable it.

    • …though he also seems to be a fan of taking credit…generally credit that belongs to someone else as far as I can make out

      …unless I’m very much mistaken he has less to do with the rocket science of space X or the engineering of tesla than he does with stuff like the ugly-ass “design” of that cybertruck he claimed the other day would “briefly” serve as a boat…which seems to take a lot of liberties with a thing you wouldn’t be able to steer or direct against a current & which would definitely sink at some point?

        • Well, it makes sense that someone who came from a gem mining family wouldn’t think twice about exploiting people. That’s a pretty unsavory business.

          I can’t really find much information about it. Musk says it’s all a lie, but he’s a liar, so … he’s also got the resources to obfuscate the whole thing. There are weird things that happen when you try to search out information, like getting Tesla fan sites and stuff that say it’s all bullshit. But I sincerely doubt he came to Canada with $2K and became the world’s richest man. I spend too much time researching startup founders and one thread that is always present is family money and contacts.

          • You’re right.

            He took large risks no one would because he can afford to.  It’s like the difference between someone with $100 and $50000 at a casino.  All it takes is a couple of bad hands and you’re wiped out when all you have is $100.  With $50000 you can take a shit load more chances and the rewards will be greater because you can afford to lose.

            On the other side, my friend who founded a startup put up his house (worth a lot because it was paid for from the options he got at a former internet darling… ironically he was the only one of his coworkers to walk away with something tangible besides a Corvette or gambling/cocaine addiction.)  If he failed his family would have been destitute.  It paid off for him, but by the skin of his ass.

            • Despite what is constantly being reported on a superficial level, he’s not buying Twitter.

              He’s contributing a minority amount of the package backed by a lot of other funders, which you will only find out by digging into the serious analysis.


              And as that article makes clear, there are tens of billions coming from shadowy sources.

              He’s always been a figurehead, and reports that his attempt to pull out of the deal were an attempt to pressure Twitter were almost certainly wrong.

              Musk was pressuring his funders to come up with more. He knew how much they wanted him as a frontsman.

              The looming trial was as much a threat of exposure to his backers as it was to him. Odds are the deal was restarted because one or more of his backers got nervous about being named in court and finally committed more to the pot.

            • Credibility is huge in startups (hence money/family/right schools which are a function of the first two). It’s one place where participating in a string of failures actually makes you more, not less, desirable. Having participated in the process previously, your friend would have a lot more credibility with venture capitalists than, say, me. (Seriously, like slide two of the pitch deck is “here’s my team and what we’ve done before” — sometimes it’s slide one.) They also really respect people who put their own money in. When you’ve got everything to lose, you’ll kill yourself to make the business work, and they know it. It’s a strange ecosystem.

  2. I have actual reason to be thankful…. by working that sweet sweet sweet overtime this afternoon.  When work pays me that 2.5X base holiday pay I am as greedy as Elon… (to be fair, I’m not going to tell the Ukrainians and Taiwanese to surrender to their oppressors to get it though.)

    Had my family Thanksgiving yesterday.  Continuing the family tradition of not eating turkey (roast beef.)  And for the last decade, it was a peaceful/happy one as opposed to my dad’s traditional airing of grievances/yelling the previous two or so decades.

  3. Realized last night that the persistent burning I couldn’t figure out from the stupid jalapeño peppers was actually a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up in several fingers.

    Deep sigh. All I needed was a fucking ibuprofen to take that edge off and I was too stupid for hours thinking it was just capsaicin.

  4. Ye/Kanye West launched into an antisemitic screed that called for extermination of Jews. He’s now had his Instagram and Twitter accounts frozen.

    The context is even crazier. A few nights ago Tucker Carlson hosted him and he was doing his Trump loving schtick, Fox started blasting the airwave with fawning coverage, and as the inevitable backlash arose, GOP politicians starting rushing to his defense. For example, the Attorney General of Indiana blamed “the media” for criticizing him. Which of course is a dog whistle by the AG to the ugliest parts of society.

    Adding to the sickness is the NY Times coverage, which in contrast to every other major outlet which correctly described his posts as antisemitic, decided to waffle. They framed it as a case of “accusations” and carefully avoided actually calling his explicit antisemitism by its true name, and decided to frame it as a free speech issue and bring up his defense of fighting cancel culture.

    Late last year numerous outlets also reported on Trump using a long running antisemitic attack on the NY Times for being “run by Jews” but the Times decided it wasn’t news and ran nothing.

    • The Kardashians thought they were going to take advantage of Krazy Kanye and own all his stuff for the rest of their lives not realizing Kanye’s got some serious issues would help poison his own brand.

      Instead of taking money from Kanye’s labor… they’re stuck with this mentally troubled  antisemitic anchor dragging down their “brand” of vacuous shallow stupidity.

      As for the NYT, they’re fucking wimps.  Don’t even have the steel to call out Kanye for what he said. Some librul media.

      • A lot of times what an article doesn’t say means more than what it does say.

        In the past, the Times has happily written him up as a spoiler and a political force for the GOP.

        And yet when his views become so toxic, suddenly all of those connections to the GOP disappear into an indiscernable dot on the horizon. The article gets assigned a Business Section writer. It’s incredibly creepy.

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