…And We’re Back [DOT 29/11/21]

Well gang, it’s Monday and that means back to work for most of us. I’m technically still off, but I’m betting 100% that my boss has forgotten and starts blowing up my phone around 8:30 AM.

My ride back to Maryland was uneventful. Fritz the Cat has been safely relocated to my home from my brother’s and he is currently chilling in the basement. I assume he’ll do some exploring soon. He seems pretty happy and purr-y. He loves company!



Biden administration focuses on booster shots as best strategy against new coronavirus variant


A man was killed by a stray bullet while eating Thanksgiving dinner with family, authorities say

Um this is nice but it’d be better if the state paid him, or even better, got their shit right in the first place.

Fundraiser for US man exonerated after 43 years in prison tops $1.4m

LOL Wapo

‘Tis the season!

Good luck today – you can do it!



  1. The obit writer at the WaPo doesn’t know the plot to “Sweeney Todd”? That’s a Sondheim show I forgot to mention yesterday. I saw the 2005 Broadway revival with Michael Cerveris and Patti Lupone. How could I have forgotten Patti Lupone?

    Here the Casa Encantada we have our own Holiday Dick Show. If you remember that photo of the Faithful Hound, the view is of this massive apartment building across the street from us. It takes up an entire block, like something you’d see on Broadway on the Upper West Side. About 5 or 6 years ago a new tenant must have moved in and in their Yuletide exuberance festooned not only their balcony with festive Christmas lights but also the diagonal fire escape ladder that thrusts itself up to the floor above. That apartment is clearly visible from the south-facing side of our living room, which is practically all windows. Also, that building doesn’t much go in for Christmas lights, so the tenants had the facade for themselves. When the Holiday Open House rolled around I said nothing and held court in the living room and every single person’s gaze would, at some point, wander to the view and jaws would drop. Sadly, they only did it that one year and now they just string a couple of garlands along their balcony. One of them must have seen their handiwork from the street and had second thoughts.

    I was reading today that Merriam-Webster’s has chosen its word of the year: vaccine. I comes from vacca, the word for cow, and it’s called “vaccine” because cowpox was used to ward off smallpox. When was this? Late 18th century. Think about that. The armies that fought in the Napoleonic Wars might have been vaccinated and now we, almost 250 years later, living in a far richer and more enlightened age, have numbnuts who think vaccines are “experimental.”

    Presumably M-W chose vaccine because it’s on everyone’s lips. Collins chose as their word of the year a “word” that’s also been much discussed but one that I don’t think even existed a year ago: NFT.

    Happy Monday everyone. Today is my one-week anniversary of getting my booster, so in another week I’ll be as vaccinated as possible, just like some of the soldiers at Austerlitz and Waterloo.

  2. The holiday decorations made me giggle. One of our local hospitals has concrete traffic pylons with a similar phallic feel to them – I also giggle every time I see them. Why yes, I do have the humor of a ten-year-old boy.

    And, congrats on Fritz the Cat! He appears to be a lovely cat.

    • About 2005 I had started working at a software company in the marketing department. I was the lone male in the department. Our tradeshow manager needed to order new giveaways for our booth, and brought in samples.

      One was a water bottle shaped like a schlong. (My wife threw away my lone surviving sample years ago, for which I will never forgive her.) It’s impossible to find a picture or do it justice, but it was a tapering bottle with a hole on the very tip. There were concentric rings around the top to provide grip.

      I stared at it for a full minute. All the women said oh, that’s great, do that one. I thought hard about the gender makeup of the room and my relatively recent hire status and said nothing.

      When they arrived and were put at the booth, the salespeople (male and female) immediately identified the shape and started making jokes. The tradeshow manager was mortified and asked me. I said, yeah, I noticed right away but I wasn’t going to say anything in a room full of women. I have no idea what I would have even said. She was pissed at me. I’m like, I didn’t pick it. I wasn’t gonna end up in HR for creating a hostile workplace or something.

      Of course it was a bulk buy to get the best price. We were handing out dong bottles for two years.

      I wish I could find a picture. When I get a minute I’m gonna draw one just for future reference.

  3. Sooo with Kevin Strickland not getting any reparations from Missouri for his 43 year wrongful conviction….

    As per fucking usual, it’s because our laws are fucking bullshit. You’re only entitled to compensation if you prove your innocence through DNA testing.


    • Also, let’s not forget that our chucklefuck of a governor was more focused on expediting his pardon of the gun-toting McCloskeys, and that our coat-hanger of an attorney general (who’s running for Senate, as is one-half of the aforesaid gun-toting couple) has been more focused on suing counties and individual school districts for mandating mask usage, and didn’t personally believe that Strickland was innocent anyway.

      • Three times while writing my comment about Strickland I mentioned our fucking douchebags governor and attorney general and then I was like nope I can’t bring myself to discuss those two assholes. Thank you for including what my brain was like “does not compute” for how to include.

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