Andy Ngo Admits He’s As Sad And Lonely As He Keeps Accusing Everyone Else Of Being

[Andy Ngo]

On Monday, Twitter User economy breakfast (@econbrkfst) posted a lengthy thread detailing the posting history of a Reddit account which is purportedly Atomwaffen LARPer Andy Ngo’s.  economy breakfast did include a link to the Reddit account profile, but by the time we accessed it, it had already been deleted.

Using hundreds of screenshots of posts and comments starting six years ago, economy breakfast laid out an admittedly sad story.  Ngo often alluded to angst and stress over being unemployed after graduating from UCLA with a Design Media Arts degree, claiming to have applied to over 100 jobs.

He further detailed extensively the bullying and harassment he experienced from friends, family, and strangers due to being, what he called, “disgusting in public,” claiming to be obese with “his fat jiggling all over the place.”

The entire thread if over on Twitter and well worth a read, if only to play armchair psychologist.  It’s hard to feel bad for a noted piece of shit like Ngo, who has credibly been accused of plotting an attack with neo-Nazi group Patriot Prayer which left one woman with a broken neck (Ngo later identified her to the public on his Twitter account).  But the thread itself is a fair look, and goes a long way towards explain where such a hateful little troll comes from.


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