Another day, another black woman failed by the medical system

25-year-old Toshanna Ward died earlier this year after being neglected in a crowded emergency room. I’m not a doctor; I don’t know procedures and I don’t know why she was sitting there waiting.

However, I do know these things:

  • Ward had been previously diagnosed with an enlarged heart when she was pregnant last year (sadly, her baby died shortly after birth).
  • This year, she went to the ER complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath, where they performed triage, ran tests, confirmed her enlarged heart.
  • They then sent her back into the lobby to wait for over two hours.

According to the above link, she was “upset” by the long wait and opted to try Urgent Care, where she collapsed outside her car and died shortly later.

Setting aside the fact that the article acts like she was being impatient about the wait at the ER (as if she didn’t have a reason to be!), Ward is hardly the first black woman to die waiting for medical attention.



  1. Froedtert Hospital – “We respect their wishes and privacy during this difficult time,” the statement said. “They continue to be in our thoughts and have our deepest sympathy.”

    If they had shown Ms Ward the respect and care she deserved while at their facility her family might not need their sympathy now.

    • It’s not like ER waiting room deaths aren’t a thing either. I realize you can’t get to everyone but like…I dunno, my husband went to the ER a couple years ago and they considered it serious (chest pains and passing out – he’s OK though!), and it took like 30 minutes at a counter, with no one else in the ER waiting, to fill out forms and fuck around with insurance and shit.

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