Another lawsuit over! [NOT 9/5/23]

Hahhahajajajahahahahahahshajsjajsjhhah that douchebag fucker.

Anyways, I don’t know how your day has gone, but ex president Cheeto Mussolini lost against E Jean Carroll and a jury awarded her $5million in damages.

Talk amongst yourselves, how is your Tuesday going?



  1. His gross lawyer is playing it off as a win because they determined it was sexual abuse and not rape. I don’t know how the law works in NY, but dammit I’m sick of rape being classified as other , lesser crimes. I’ll take the win but consider it a small w.

      • Remember this was a civil, not criminal, trial. So there’s no “conviction” or “crime”, there’s only deciding if the defendant was at fault and needs to pay damages. For damned sure the Republicans will be sure to emphasize that as much as possible.

        • They will try that. But the further they go into the weeds and try to explain why five different sets of fine points differentiate themselves from a criminal conviction of rape, the more they are doing exactly what they accused Bill Clinton of doing.

          Democrats should open the gate to that path, and tell them exactly where that path leads, while letting them know how many other cases are still waiting for Trump while they lie on their backs for him and show their bellies.

          It’s time to let them know the stakes every step of the way. It’s not 2017 any more.

          • They should, but they won’t because the Clintons still hold the same inexplicable sway over the Democratic Party that Trump has over the Republicans. No way in hell they willingly dredge that shit up about Bill.

    • The problem they have is that trying to claim he got his pants down and groped but didn’t go beyond that involves so much graphic detail — it doesn’t help him much.

      They have to hope the press shies away from anything but euphemisms. I’ll hope for now they aren’t quite so bad at their jobs.

      Speaking of being bad at jobs, Chris Licht at CNN signed up Trump for a “Town Hall” broadcast that is scheduled for tomorrow. Great timing, Licht. I’m not sure how he’s going to stage manage that.

  2. The George Santos indictment Shaq referred to is another one.

    My big hope is that this goes beyond just him and goes after donors. A lot of big money in NY like Ron Lauder backed him. I can only hope they got caught doing illegal stuff like straw donors.

    I’m hoping the feds flipped Santos’s staff and they can testify about a network. The Long Island GOP machine is corrupt and they are already sweating, so maybe there’s something there.

    At a minimum I hope this makes GOP donors in NY scared about backing their old candidates.

    • I think Santos is fucked!  We will know tomorrow.  The Trump one will just make him more popular as the REAL victim as they appeal & drag this out until after election.  We will see if she ever gets any money.

      • She was smart to make it clear up front she didn’t care what dollar figure came out — she wanted the verdict. And she got it.

        Having some appeals court potentially, maybe, reversing in three years based on some T not being crossed is besides the point for her — this is something she can pin on him that he can’t shake off all the way.

        Guys like him never want the jury verdict, even if it is eventually reversed. She got at least some measure of justice, regardless of what happens next.

  3. In other GOOD news today;

    This is HUGE, y’all!!!!!😳😲😃😁😁😁😁😁🤗

    Fucking HUGE!!!

    I was involved with Student Senate, at my two-year colleges, as I got my AAS & AS.


    Back then, we were *trying* to maaaaaaybe get enough pressure on state & federal legislators to “flip” the funding formulas back to *somewhere near* what the Boomers & older Gen-X folks had, before the Regan guttting of ed funding, and the subsequent decades of funding cuts… back when the state & federal governments picked up 70%-80% of the cost of a college degree, and students were on the hook for 20%-30%…

    You know, those “good old days when folks like Paul Ryan and others were able to “work a part time job, and go to college, and do *just fine* paying rent & eating food….

    As opposedto the reality of college today, where *most* of the folks I’ve known typically are taking a full course-load, and then *also* working a full-time job, and often picking up a side-gig of some sort, too! (Waiting tables, bartending, warehouse work, of retail, mostly!).

    This bill is probably going to become law–MN has the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor party) in charge of both houses, AND the Governor’s mansion.

    And this will literally be LIFE-CHANGING for so many people!!!

    It won’t impact *me* much, if at all–because I’m a 3-credit appeal, and a bill of a bit over a grand away from fiiiiiiinally having my bachelor’s (only about 30 years after I started!😉😆😂🤣).

    But the me that *started* that degree, 30 years ago?

    My first choice school had been the U of M… I ended up in Fargo instead, because it was *literally* half the price per year. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living, really. I wanted to eventually go to med school (so I thought!), and work in pediatrics… but I had no idea what major for undergrad, so I chose Athletic Training at that Fargo school, and ended up switching to theater…

    Then I flunked out twice, and got that great advice to “Just go DO costuming, because you’ll never make enough to pay off that degree, anyway!” (From Rosemary Ingham, herself–the woman who co-wrote the Costuming Textbooks that *every* costume designer uses!😉💖), and walked away back then, with 3 years–and about $15K in student-loan debt.

    Now? I’ve got about 50, after finishing those two associates’ degrees, and having enough *credits*–but not in the right place on my transcript–to finish a bachelor’s.

    This bill is huge, because it passing means there will be SO MANY FEWER people like *me*–having to take out lots of loans to pay for your tuition, rent, & vehicle costs to get to & from campus–because the grants & scholarships only cover your books and *some* of your tuition.

    It’s going to change lives, y’all, and it is SO GOOD!😁😃🤗💖💫


  4. In retrospect, my Tuesday went well, if uneventfully. I was not credibly accused of rape or sexual abuse, and not convicted on either charge. So that was good. Just tap tap tapping away here, (pleasurable) work work work. Oscar Wilde was right; work really is the curse of the drinking classes.

    Better Half is in a frenzy because there is an industry confab being held here, in the Greatest City in the World™, and he’s beside himself with excitement. Whether he was assigned this duty or he took it upon himself I don’t know, but he is acting as his company’s travel agent. He’s the only New York resident the company has, so starting a couple of months ago he began suggesting convenient hotels and restaurants where they might meet with each other and their various clients. He just got back from a very high-end steakhouse (I actually suggested that one) but sadly there was no doggie bag. The Ravenous Hound doesn’t know what he missed out on BUT I DO.

      • The problem (it’s not really a problem) is that these meetings are taking place all over Midtown, and there are some Midtown hotels that still advertise rooms online for business travelers, but the City has been housing the homeless and our recent migrants in some of them, and he wants to steer his colleagues away from those, especially the women. We actually stayed in an immigrant hotel in Montréal, I wrote about this once, but we were young men and tourists. It was pretty grim and amenity-free but cheap and in a great location. Why Montréal decided to house the asylum seekers there I don’t know, but we’re doing the same thing now. Except for us it’s Times Square and its surrounds, and those hotel rooms aren’t cheap.

        The clients and the other industry attendees are on their own. At this steakhouse dinner Better Half learned that one of the attendees had taken an Uber to go two avenue blocks. That was silly enough, but because of Lincoln Tunnel traffic the ride took half an hour. Better Half walked him back to his hotel, which was practically on top of a subway entrance, and bade him goodbye. He was incredulous that BH was going to be taking the subway after dark to return to his maison enchantée. I bet he’s a faithful reader of The New York Post. Although the guy lives in Colorado so I don’t know why he would be. Maybe he’s obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop, like the Post is. I’m a little obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop, so I guess I can sympathize.

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