Antonio Brown Seems Fine

When last we looked in on the latest version of the diva wide receiver, he had repeatedly fucked himself over; first with a helmet issue, then essentially forcing his way out of Oakland, catching on with New England, and then losing that when he was accused of rape multiple times. Needless to say, 2019 was not his year.

2020 isn’t starting off any better. Last week, he was face-to-face with police during a dispute with the mother of his children. And now, after his personal trainer was arrested for battery yesterday, Brown himself is also a suspect in the same incident.

Antonio doesn’t seem to be taking this latest development very well. According to police, Brown has taken to locking himself in his house in Hollywood, FL as opposed to cooperating. Mind, the cops haven’t even decided if charges are needed, but here we are all the same.

Nobody’s gonna argue that Brown isn’t a weird dude. He’s always had a reputation of being off the wall, but it’s hard to place this behavior on personality alone. Brown was famously on the other end of one of Vontaze Burfict’s biggest crimes against football a few years ago, and was severely concussed from that collision. We’ll never know if that’s what caused him to start going off his nut completely, but it leads one to wonder.

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  1. He was probably always a little off but the CTE is lurking and tearing its ugly head. He was always quirky but never in a dangerous way. He’s spiraling and this is going to end badly.

  2. The thing about elite athletes like Antonio Brown is that they don’t just suddenly become antisocial dangers to the people around them. Much of it is learned behavior going back to at least high school and in some cases as far back as middle school. The star player gets in trouble for cheating on a test or playing some stupid prank? He gets a stern talking to, but no real punishment because they need him for the Big Game. It usually starts out small, but as they continue to find that the boundaries are softer than they initially thought, they continue to push them as anyone else would in that situation. By the time they’re in college, they’ve probably escalated to slightly more serious transgressions, but if they can still win games they’re going to keep getting slapped on the wrist. By the time they turn pro, their sense of reality and what constitutes decent human behavior is so skewed, they have no point of reference. They’ve always been bigger than the rules, so they feel free to push those soft boundaries even more. Eventually, though, they go too far and find that there are limits to what they can get away with. Usually their fame has a hand in their own demise because now and entire country knows about their shenanigans, not just a school district or even a state. People such as Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth and Eric Naposki learned this. But, as we’ve seen with the likes of folks like Michael Vick, Jameis Winston, and Ben Rothleisberger, these guys can sometimes be forgiven of some truly heinous shit and come back more successful than ever.

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