Anyhoo… [DOT 3/4/20]

You guys, they’ve left me in charge again. #sorry
I’m ending my third week of working from home. Every conference call I get on begins with everyone trying to confirm what day and time it is and if we are all on the right call. I’m comforted knowing that I’m not the only one losing sense of space and time.
To make matters worse, Mr. McGee is keeping Australian hours, so he sleeps in late and works from 5PM to 1AM.
Anyhoo, it’s all very disorienting, but I’ll take it if it keeps us safe.
Here’s all the news I could stand to read…

This checks out:

Coronavirus is harming the mental health of tens of millions of people in U.S., new poll finds

Sure, we all know Stacy’s Mom, but speaking of mental health, Adam Schlesinger left us with this Emmy winner from CXG:

Cruise from hell:

‘The holiday of a lifetime’: An oral history of the infected, rejected Zaandam cruise ship

Stay home if you can…or at least don’t get on a boat!

“Social distancing is working. The worst thing to do now is stop.”

One the lighter side:

“My snakes eat bats and then I use my snakes to practice French kissing, so it was inevitable, Liz Lemon!”


Have a Friday!



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