Anything Goes! [NOT 8/7/24]

Hi, friends!

I didn’t plan ahead for a topic, and then we had unexpected storms today and I got stuck in traffic for a long drive home from the office.

Anyways, anything goes, talk about whatever is rattling around your brains.



  1. The only thing rattling around my brain are a few mismatched bolts, some chewed Bazooka bubble gum, and a bus token I lost in 1981.

    Oh, the watermelons are really good this year, also which is the closest thing I have to a coherent thought on this hot damn day.

  2. Still paying off my concrete project to my buddy, he wants to dig tomorrow & lay cement in Seattle where it is hotter than here. Today we ripped out carpet for an hour in a hot townhouse before he told me “maybe we should turn on aircon?” Yeah! WTF bro? Should have said that before I’m drenched in this hot closed place!

  3. I just found out that the library that my wife ran for 17 years is being closed. She was railroaded out a couple of years ago, and moved to another library system in our county. I … don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, the employees that didn’t stand up for my wife are now losing their jobs so fuck them. On the other hand, I spent a lot of nights and weekends fixing that place up. So I am conflicted, I suppose.

    But damn, they did my wife a favor. All these other motherfuckers are out of work. Boom.

    • That sucks. Are some of the idiots responsible also out?

      It’s how I felt a few months ago thinking about all the times I got rejected for various jobs I applied for at current work. As a friend of mine said to me “they weren’t for you.”

      He wasn’t wrong. I also know the kind of managers they hired so I would have ended up as bigger more vulnerable punching bag and more than likely gotten tossed out on my ass years earlier.

      The job I got promoted/then demoted from turned out to be a booby prize of sorts as the two people who got it after me were fired and the people who became managers in my current dept are all garbage. One is basically a female Andrew Tate (extremely insecure, fake alpha and a nepo baby) who fired anyone who disagreed with her (cough) and the next one turned out to be an arrogant verbal bully who I’m pretty sure I would have beaten (and ended up in jail.)

      This is why I’m happy being a production ape till I leave next year.

      • Some, not all. Fortunately the only one that is still there that remained friends with my wife JUST got another job offer. So she’s getting out in the nick of time. The upper managers that fucked everything up are fine. They’re all Republicans, so shutting down a library is right on brand.

      • Agreed! Seattle public library is still fucked from the hack. We can only get physical books that are in the branch we visit (no reserving physical books). We can’t return any physical books because they can’t process them. All the computers and wifi are compromised. I’m glad it’s summer and school is out and hope it all gets sorted before school starts again. The only good news is that we can get ebooks through Libby and the actual libraries are still open but with reduced hours (which was already a sad thing prior to the hack).

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