Apparently, It’s Sunday [DOT 11/10/20]

Are the days still running all together?

I have a work call at 11 AM today, which seems downright uncivilized.

If you’re looking for something to entertain you today, check out yesterday’s Brain Drain for ideas.


Teenager Iga Swiatek finds right state of mind to win French Open for first Grand Slam title

This case fascinates me…

Who is Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress who financed Nxivm?

If you click on ONE thing today, make it this:

Purrfect match: cats and their human doubles

Some good Tweets, lazy Sunday edition:

Sound on!

Enjoy your day of rest!



    • The Leaping Order of St. Beryl. Toward the end they show members of The Leaping Order. This is from or made it into the Dudley Moore/Peter Cook original of “Bedazzled.”

      • I never saw this before, lol! It reminded me of Monty Python’s St. Looney Up-the-Cream-Bun-and-Jam. I couldn’t find any live action clips, only this animation.


  1. 11am work call on a Sunday?? That s egregious!  My advice: skip the call, and when Monday rolls around and they ask where you were, say : ” well, I was going to take the call, but then I realized it was 11am on a sunday” 

    • Maybe Meg will respond but I bet this is something international. My husband works for a global company and is a senior executive dealing with fellow senior executives/CEOs all over the world. He works from home here in NYC but HQ is elsewhere. Sometimes people forget he is in New York so he essentially works seven days a week, but not always eight or ten hours a day. I don’t work at all and with the onset of my unemployment I voluntarily became his personal assistant. 
      It’s a funny schedule to be on because a lot of the stuff he does involves Europe, Israel and the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. Around lunchtime on Friday things grind to a halt. Saturday is normally quiet. Things pick up again on Sunday because of time zones and cultural traditions where Sunday is a workday, not the weekly “day of rest.” He doesn’t seem to mind and neither do I, except about once a month he gets the 3 AM phone call that HRC famously popularized in her first failed run for the presidency in 2008, and I’m rousted out of bed to proofread, if not craft, an emailable response. Whatever. It keeps the money flowing in.

      • I hear that Cousin M. It is challenging to plan calls within my work, too, with folks 6 hours ahead and 4 hours behind my time zone. Someone is always inconvenienced. Sounds like you get an early start on the weekend,though?

  2. I know this should have been posted yesterday or saved for next Saturday but I will forget by then.  I watched this movie last night on Netflix and it was great! 


  3. oh also…have this one

    i dont know if he made it big across the pond
    but this song speaks to me
    ive buried my fair share of friends courtesy of addiction

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