Appropriate celebration? [NOT 12/4/22]

Hi, friends!

According to some Facebook posts I’m seeing, today is National Only Child Day.

As an only child myself, I don’t see a need for this special day because I’m always the center of attention with no siblings to distract from me.

But I digress.

What is the appropriate celebration of National Only Child Day?

  • being around others and not being required to share a treat, since we suck at sharing?
  • being the third wheel for a couple, just like any time we were out with parents?
  • figuring out how to play boardgames by yourself?
  • being extra bossy because we just are that way?


    • I actually never wanted siblings as a kid. Our home was already small and tight and my parents were always fighting. I figured another person would make more fighting happen and I just tried to hide in my room most of the time. Plus we had no money and another kid would make that situation worse.

  1. I was an only for nearly 11 years. I BEGGED for a sister. I finally got one… and then suggested my mom to send her back!

    We get along great, now. I count my sister as one of my closest friends. But there were a few years there, when I could have cheerfully tossed her off a cliff lol. Even she now admits that she was AWFUL as a pre-teen/teenager. I tease her that she turned into a human being again on her 20th birthday.

  2. My daughter is an only child. She wishes she had siblings but I try to explain that having them doesn’t mean you have a good relationship with them.

    • My daughter is too. She wanted a sibling, and we would have liked another, but we tried for years to have her and I was 40 and my wife was 38 when she was born. Even if we could have made it work again, we were reluctant to put ourselves through that. Plus the older you are, the greater the chance the child could have problems. We figured there wasn’t any point in taking chances. We rolled the dice, got very lucky, and walked away from the table.

  3. I was the youngest by a large margin, then an only child when they left for college, then became the eldest when they had babies too early & I had to watch their kids!  I was 12 when I became an uncle & had to babysit from there on!  I think I enjoyed only child the best!

    • Ugh that’s the worst! I have several friends who ended up being childcare providers in situations like that and it’s like “goodbye, my childhood” when the older kid ends up having to do so much.

      • I didn’t want to have kids after that for a long time until I met my wife I never thought I would want kids.  Now, I don’t know where I would be without my daughters, probably not in a good place.

  4. Grew up an only child and technically am one, but I do have 3 half-sibs that I part-time lived with who are all younger than I am, so in many ways I feel more older brother-y.

    There are lots of benefits to growing up an only and my son is most likely also going to be an only. Still, I kind of wished for a full live-in sibling when I was younger, though that would have been pretty difficult considering my parents got divorced before I was old enough to remember them being married.

  5. I have two older brothers with whom I was close at a very young age but they made me an only child pre-teen. I also have two half-siblings on my bio-douche’s side of the family but I never spent much time with them or knew them at all.

    Only children whining about wishing they weren’t only children is, quite literally, the most only child thing ever.

    I’m a loner so I might be a bit biased.

  6. I am the oldest of four – the youngest one was born when I was a sophomore in college so we are 19 years apart. The one closest to me in age was 5 years younger than me – so we weren’t even in high school together. I felt more like a live in baby sitter than a sibling.

  7. The appropriate celebration is being allowed to simply sit on the couch & introvert while eating (CHEAP!–from the Discount grocery store!😉) Whole Foods’ house-brand Gelato.

    At least that’s how I celebrated it last night (without knowing we were supposed to celebrate!😉🤣💖)

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