Are You a Fan? [NOT 20/8/21]

Friday Funday NOT!

I often hear people describing their dislike or disapproval of something (insert animal, mineral, or vegetable) by saying “not a fan”. I like the phrase; it is a kind of all-purpose demurral without insulting others who feel differently.

Conversely, I’ve been known to say that “I’m a total fan girl” in reference to authors or musician whose work I enjoy.

What are you a fan of these days? What are you not a fan of? I am always a fan of you and of DeadSplinter. Happy Weekend!

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  1. im a music fan boi….im sure thats a shock to you all
    i love my motorsports and shit….but music is my true love

    • @Farscythe I only wish that you would occasionally share your music with us! (He he he!)

      • lol im so sorry…hogging it all to meself is one of me worst traits!

  2. Fan of good documentaries, history books, Mexican food, and good conversations.
    Not a fan of mushrooms, crypto, narcissism, white privilege (especially of the mediocre variety), and weak kneed chickenshit motherfucker managers who play games with people.

    • @ManchuCandidate, I love Mexican food, Central American food, Latin American food. We have many refugees here (on purpose via a church consortium that has been facilitating settlement since Pol Pot decimated Cambodia). We are blessed with a wide variety of cuisine, entirely out of proportion to the small size of the town (550,000).

  3. Brooks shoes!
    I stupidly stuck with New Balance for a long time, despite the fact that they went whole hog in recent years into the idea that running shoes should  overengineer the natural motion of your feet and legs and “correct” the way you walk and run.
    Which of course only creates problems. And then I found out their CEO has been one of those corporate types claiming he finds the GOP distasteful but somehow keeps supporting them.
    Looking around for a better shoe, I searched and found Brooks (which I always knew had a good reputation) has been much less authoritarian about micromanaging your knees. And they’re fairly progressive in terms of politics, at least as far as you might expect from a shoe company.
    I just got a pair and I like them a lot. Bite me, New Balance!

    • Me, too (at least used to) but now I use Mizuno shoes because I guess they’re designed for Asian feet.

    • @blue dogcollar good to know!

    • We have a Brooks outlet about 20 mins away & my family loves their shoes.  I’m not a runner & super cheap so the only expensive shoes I own are ASICS  court shoes that only get used in the gym so I’ve had them forever.  

  4. I usually whine and bitch about work so this might be a shock.
    Yesterday night, I had a good day.  It was a busy fucked up kind of day that would have had me muttering if I had been a working bee that day, but it was fine for me working as a team leader bee.  I was happy to be in the midst of the action and putting out fires left, right and center.  Managed to do so without spilling a drop of T… temper.  My supervisor was surprised that I was so calm with all the shit flying around yesterday.
    My sister calls that unleashing my inner opposite drama queen.  She’s not wrong.  It’s a family trait of sorts.  We get all Iceman as the heat turns up.

  5. I’m a fan of the cooler temperatures we’ve been having. It feels like fall is just around the corner. Of course we have a lot more hot weather in store, but I’ll take what I can get.

    • @Hannibal autumn is my favorite time of year. It always feel ripe with possibilities to me. It is going to be in the 90’s here all next week with associated humidity. Yuk.

    • I’m with you!  We were in Sacramento last Saturday & it was 107 & smoky outside & 100ish in my bro-in-laws house!  Awful!  I couldn’t get home quick enough.  Current outside temp is 67 & overcast.  Perfection!

    • This reminds me that I’m a huge fan of Postmodern Jukebox.

      • I love PMJ too.  First concert for my youngest daughter with me.  I wish Haley was at our concert but was still amazing…

  6. I’m a fan of lazy Sundays with coffee and the newspaper.

  7. I am a fan of the Blues, New Mexican food, history, and my dog. 

    Not a fan of shitty music, shitty food, revisionist history, shitty people, or Diesel engines. 

  8. I’m not a fan of having to re-caulk shower doors. 

    Which I did today. 

    Fingers crossed I did it well enough and the leak stops. I’ve caulked windows before for winterizing, but never dealt with anything in a bathroom before. 

    • Yes, I can see this! I am a fan of myopicprophet, of course 😉 
      Additionally,  I listened to a Podcast recently about the power of smell to make us feel certain ways…and I am a fan of the following smells: brewing coffee, baking bread, frying bacon, a lit match, the air on a humid morning, musty books, french fries cooking at the beach concession, a fresh peach, and of course, clean laundry. I am sure there are others, but these are the ones I thought of first. 
      Not a fan of: entitled people, seafood, or excessive heat.
      Happy to be here!

      • welcome here 🙂 make yourself at home
        i apolegize in advance for the music that turns up where you least expect it


        • Thank you! Happy to have music around every corner 🙃

      • Hello Anouke, hey, hi, and welcome!

        I am with you on your likes and dislikes, except for the seafood (pescatarian, here.)

        The scent thing is fascinating. Smells are so evocative and memory inducing. I tangentially mentioned a few aspects thereof in a previous NOT. 

        Do You Smell Good? [NOT 5/8/21]




        • Thanks for the welcome! I would have loved to discuss fragrance with you all. My go to perfume is described thusly:
          ” Life is a miracle. A vibrant, sparkling fragrance that opens like the dawning of a new day with fresh, dewy notes of Lychee and Freesia. Its spicy heart echoes with notes of Magnolia, Jasmine, Ginger and Pepper as its warm base notes envelop you in the sensual splendour of Amber and Musk.  
          Wow! I just think it smells like what I would like to smell like. Haha

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