Are You Ready for the Weekend? [NOT 28/10/21]


Does your weekend start on Friday or Saturday? In the past, were your weekends full of fun, frolic, parties, music, and fun? Are they getting to be that way again? Mine are pretty much still an event with no attendees and no external activities, but with lots of chores (whine, complain, moan). The list of tasks gets accomplished, but social interaction is missing.

How about you???

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  1. Ya know, if you were to be struck with mobility problems, just FYI, experiencing it in the midst of a global pandemic is probably the best time. I have no FOMO because everyone else was missing out themselves.

    Better Half just returned from his business trip. It was actually an Industry Conference, with many thousands in attendance at different events over the course of many days. Better Half, being among the eagerest of beavers, was up before dawn every day attending breakfasts and this carried through to late-night schmoozefests. Better Half has a strict rule that he will not drink any alcohol, the better to keep his wits about him.

    His fellow conference-goers acted like they were on a Rumspringa, because it had been many months since they had actually seen each other face-to-face. It’s a very face-to-face industry and even all the zoom calling was not enough to sate their hunger for workplace and industry gossip over a stiff whisky or four at 11 PM, all expenses paid.

    He seems to have enjoyed himself. He loathed college and doesn’t attend his reunions so I think this was a passable alternative for him.


  2. I’m ready, I think. All the Halloween decorations for the library booths are done. I hope. My wife’s boss called a meeting for 9 am tomorrow so I wonder if there will be complications. Her immediate supervisor (an idiot) wanted the staff on site on Sunday at 2 pm. My wife pointed out that the supervisor would need to authorize overtime since we have TWO BOOTHS to man. “Okay, then, but we need you there at 3.”

    We’ve done this for over a decade now without any problems, until this moron became supervisor. So my family will go there at 3, take 15 minutes to set up the booths, and then sit there all afternoon until the event starts. We’ll let the paid staff come later, because OVERTIME. Jesus, this idiot makes everything so fucking complicated.

      • Starts on Monday, Ellie. I’ve been setting up a home office. They shipped me monitors, stands, laptops, a camera, and all sorts of stuff. I had kind of half-assed working from home at my last job — just sat out in the living room, assuming that one day I’d be going back full-time. But if I’m working from home full-time, I have to get serious about it. That involved clearing out the spare bedroom and making it into more of an office — I had floor-to-ceiling shelves full of books, so I had to pare that WAY down (which, to be honest, I needed to do anyway).

        It’s so weird. I’ve got all these “work” clothes. Most of them haven’t been touched in almost two years, but I always figured I’d need them again. So I’m like, should I get rid of this? I’ll  probably wait about 6 months before I do anything drastic.

  3. In university, my weekends used to start early.  Thursday night…  In hindsight, I probably should have studied.  On the other hand, I needed the social interaction more than good grades?  Hard to say.

    In my 20s and 30s, my weekends started Friday night.

    Now… with almost no single friends and not much going on, I just end up sleeping thanks to all the OT I worked earlier during the week.

    Saturday Night was party night… now it’s reading/writing night on shift rotation weekends like this weekend or it’s work night.



  4. My weekends currently don’t exist. Party pooper womp womp. I realize that it is temporary and try not to get depressed when doing a comparative side by side of what my pre-parenthood weekends used to look like. Guess it’s still a sore spot for me.

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