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I’m once again on an extended lockout at work due to a COVID outbreak, and I’m getting bored. I’m a semi-practicing PhD Sociologist. I’ve worked twenty years in corrections, four in juvie and fifteen with the mentally ill. I follow the Baltimore Orioles, and virtually no one else in MLB. I fucking hate the Beatles. Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and Derek Jeter are all supremely overrated — fight me. I’ve been watching Field Hockey and Rugby for years, and still don’t understand the rules. Oswald shot JFK. I drink more beer and inexpensive whiskey than I should. Ask me a question!



    • They are propping up Big Conspiracy at the expense of the little guy.


      Honest answer:  Probably state secrets that are tangentially related.  RFK wielded the CIA like a club.

        • I would not be surprised if there was a very wide search of low probability targets for the sake of being thorough in the 1960s. I can believe the FBI spent quite a while after Dallas looking into anyone who may have had an affair with JFK to see if there was an Oswald or Ruby connection.

          I can also believe there were a bunch of Russian and Cuban info sources they talked to looking for any hints of an Oswald connection, and even if they’re now dead they may have family they want to protect. And there may be screwups by the CIA and FBI that they still don’t want to reveal.

  1. Although I’m not a huge fan of Joe Biden, I always kind of thought he might have an inner LBJ just waiting to come out and smack certain recalcitrant senators (AHEM, Manchin and Sinema) around to support his bills.  Someone who’s been around as long as he has must know how to jam a supposed ally into getting on board.  What the hell is stopping him from putting the screws to the two of them?

    • He is just biden his time.



      Seriously, I wish I knew.  If he thinks he has time, he has a year left before the midterms.  Maybe he thinks they’ll hang themselves.  Maybe he thinks the Rs will self-destruct.  Whatever he’s doing, it’s not playing too well with his poll numbers, which are going bad because he’s barely paid lip service to the progressive wing.  Robert Reich is hammering him in social media.

  2. cry havok!

    mumble mumble literature

    i honestly dont know what i’d ask you mate

    what is your best old school thrash metal band?

    (oh shit…i actually had a question)

    • Probably Megadeth, but I really only had two of their albums in heavy rotation.  I listened to Metallica a lot more, but the so-called “black album,” the haircuts, the “fuck the fans who don’t like the new sound” attitude, the Napster thing, and Lars just being basically unlikeable human being all ruined that band for me.

    • Also, I think there is a lot of irony that there is no such restriction on the legal community, and Dershowitz is free to offer the most unhinged dangerous legal opinion he wants, although I realize psychiatry and the law are not identical professions, even if there are some strong similarities.

    • When it comes to bona fide mental illness, I can see a danger in “diagnosing” a patient without ever seeing them.  There are fine lines to be drawn and differential diagnoses to consider, although depending on context the fine points of the actual diagnosis may not really matter.  For example, I once asked a psychiatrist whether my client’s diagnosis might be [this] instead of [that], and she said “It wouldn’t matter, the meds would be the same.”

      In the case of a personality disorder, where many of the diagnostic criteria are based on observable behaviors, I think giving a qualified (“Trump appears to meet the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder”) diagnosis is far less problematic, as long as you acknowledge that behaviors aren’t always what they appear.

      But, let’s face it:  Trump is a fucking antisocial narcissist.

    • I never listened to that much Cream, to be honest.  Their live stuff was like free-form jazz, only blues.


      They say that Cream’s live sets ended when Ginger fell off the stool drunk and couldn’t get back up.  He eventually played in some fairly well-known hard rock/metal band whose name escapes me right now.

      Clapton’s blues playing was mostly pretty pedestrian.  SRV would’ve wiped the floor with him.

      • I was curious because when Baker died a couple years ago, I went down the rabbit-hole on Cream’s inter-band dynamics, and essentially came away thinking that there were no good guys in that outfit. They all had issues that would have pressed all the wrong buttons for me.

        • Maybe they just brought out the worst in each other, though the stuff that’s making the rounds about Clapton outside of Cream is about as unflattering as it gets.


          Did you hear that Paul McCartney will no longer sign autographs?  What egotistical fuck announces that?  Who gives a flying rat’s ass?

    • If you’re talking honest-to-goodness delusions, they’re pretty hard to treat is my understanding, but I am not a clinician.

      If you’re talking political beliefs that fly in the face of reality as conventional society understands it………………well I guess I answered my own question.

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