At Least It’s Saturday! [DOT 10/9/22]

I only worked three days this week but I basically did a week and a half’s worth of work. So believe me when I say I am Over It.

Got any big weekend plans? I’m going to do my laundry and clean the house. And at some point go to the grocery store because the only things I have to eat in my fridge are heavy cream and ribs.

Oprah should be sorry for loosing him on us!

From offering to help to full-bore attacks: Oz shifts to blitz Fetterman

The Queen: still dead.

King Charles III addresses nation as he, U.K. mourn

If you want to keep yourself entertained til Brain Drain comes around, go search “Irish Twitter”

LOL Stonks! Buttcoin!

When bitcoin plunges, Buttcoin cheers: the online community praying for the end of crypto


Have a super day!



  1. My PCP freaked out when I’d mentioned that my father probably died of a heart problem, so he sent me to get a stress test even though I don’t have any risk factors. Needless to say I aced that motherfucker. The people running the test told me they hadn’t seen anyone go for as long as I did for years.

  2. Oz is showing he’s not aware, a piss poor leader, a lousy organizer and clumsy.  The WaPo  article is making it sound like he’s blitzing like the US Army in Operation Desert Storm, but he’s stumbling around like the Russians in The Comedy of War Errors In the Ukraine.

    No wonder Trump and Insanity vouched for the Coffee Bean Extract king.

    • I hate that kind of article because it’s just recycling talking points without any real reporting. It’s the kind of thing Joan Didion skewered in her essay Insider Baseball when she followed the Bush-Dukakis race and kept running into reporters who felt their job was covering what the campaigns said they were doing, instead of what they were actually doing.

      It’s all posed as savvy insider stuff, but it only works if they erase all of the people feeding them the info and all of the stage management that is in their plain sight. It’s reporters collaborating in a myth which gives them an easy way to pretend to be reporters.

      The Post did the same thing for Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, focusing on all of his talking points on CRT without ever seriously addressing how fake it all was, which is what the GOP campaign wanted reporters to do. But it’s awful if they do it.

  3. apparently im not supposed to say choo choo motherfucker when being held up by slower cyclists in my path

    got cornered by the wannabe cops….they say i have to ring my bell

    do you have any idea how much fun it is to say choo choo motherfucker?

    try it

    choo choo!


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