Coffee Break

Coffee Break [19/2/24]

DeadSplinter is a book-loving group. You tell us on The Brain Drain what you’re reading, but I’d like to know how you read. I love actual books, but being a

Coffee Break

Coffee Break [12/2/24]

We haven’t done a quiz in a while. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s write a romance novel to see which Greek Muse we are. I am Melpomene:

Coffee Break

Coffee Break [5/2/24]

A New Hampshire woman had to be rescued from a garbage truck after falling into a dumpster. She survived despite the trash being compacted. Four times! She needs to buy

Coffee Break

Coffee Break [22/1/24]

Was Charles Lindbergh lucky enough to get away with murder? Lise Pearlman, a retired judge and true crime writer, thinks it’s possible. The short version is that she believes Bruno

Food You Can Eat

Food You Can Eat : Onigiri

The retrospective of FYCE offerings continues. This post is from April, 2020: This is one of my favorite foods to make and eat. There are so many variations, they freeze