Autumn [NOT 14/9/22]

Hi, friends!

Is there anything this fall that you’re really looking forward to?

I’m visiting my bestie next month and I’m so fucking excited. This time I’ll wear the n95 the entire time at the airport as well as on the plane, I don’t want stupid covid again.



  1. I’m looking forward to it not being 90+° and 90+% humidity. Plus, for my anniversary, I got a very flattering waist-length Fall jacket that I don whenever the temps dip to about 70 and below.

  2. I just got my booster. To my surprise a nearby drug store had it and I grabbed the appointment just in case there’s a rush later. So now I’m free to travel if something comes up….

    • I got my latest booster on Monday (my third, on top of the initial two-dose Pfizer vax) along with a flu shot. I have a doctor’s appt. on Friday and I’m going to ask about polio and monkeypox. It’s highly unlikely I’d contract either but if it’s free through the insurance and convenient to get, I will offer up my right arm. For science. I must have been vaccinated for polio as a child (no religious exemptions or “cultural hesitancy” or conspiracy theory bullshit back then), and maybe even as an adult, but I don’t remember.

      • Oh, so you’re saying you’re better than me. Thanks East Coast Elitist. I’m off to write an Opinion piece for the NY Times explaining why people like you are why real Americans don’t trust vaccines.

        But seriously, any side effects? I seem to be on a no-yes-no cycle, but I’ve had enough now I don’t remember which this should be, or if the pattern is even holding up anymore. I’m just glad to have it done. I was poked and out the door 20 minutes after I walked in.

        • I don’t know, because I went Platinum Card-level and got the flu shot along with it. I was perfectly fine at first. I had a 9 AM appointment and then worked all day, had the usual hearty dinner, started feeling a little drowsy, but then that night I had fever, chills, one other thing but I can’t remember. slept through my dawn dog-walking shift, finally got up around noon, was a little weak and dehydrated, but then by that night I was feeling fine. I had a horrible reaction my second vax shot, almost to the point of  delirium and losing consciousness, and I’ve reacted badly to flu shots before, so:

          TL;DR: Cannot conclusively say how the booster went because I got the flu shot at the same time.

          • I decided to wait a couple if weeks for flu to see what difference there might be with side effects. Probably not enough to mean anything. I just need to sacrifice a chicken and I’ll be fine.

        • I did the covid-flu combo last fall. I have had one initial and two boosters. I’ll get the flu shot this month, and get the next covid+variant booster in November. I had zero issue with any of them. Like Cousin Matthew, I will take any/all vaccines (although what my parsimonious insurance will allow remains to be seen). Also looking forward to October weather, highs in the 60-70 degree range and lows around 40-50. I  am not looking forward to my seasonal sinus freak out, however.

  3. I love when the trees start changing colors but not looking forward to the permadrizzle, fog, & cold of late fall.  I am looking forward to taking advantage of my daughters new found salmon knowledge to go find some good places to shoot pics of the eagles feasting on the spawned out salmon.

    • Do you get to feast on wild salmon too? That’s something I’d like someday, as opposed to the farmed and frozen stuff.

      I got same-day caught bluefish and bass a few weeks ago and that was pretty awesome.

  4. I get fresh sockeye & chinook salmon which is amazing.  I was never a salmon fan until I had those two types fresh.  Frozen or Atlantic salmon, I don’t care for.  You don’t want to eat the ones that make it that far up the river to spawn, they look like lepers and are not good eating if you are not an eagle. My daughter gets some really good stuff from working with the tribe & I have some fisherman friends that give me really good stuff.  I still prefer my Hawaiian fish better but can’t complain!

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