Aww Yeah! [DOT 26/8/22]

Happy Friday everyone! And if you’re me, an even happier day as I’m off on my trip.

Esteemed guest bloggers coming up:

8/27 Black Rod
8/29 Black Rod
8/29 DUAN – Blue Dog Collar
8/31 Black Rod
9/2 Bryan
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9/5 Cousin Matthew
9/5 DUAN – Blue Dog Collar
9/7 Bryan

Try and stay out of trouble!

Unlike these guys…
Federal judge orders release of redacted Trump search affidavit

They’d better come out with the MINI soon!

California votes to ban new gas car sales by 2035


Joe E. Tata, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actor, dead at 85


Mooo, motherfuckers!

Ok guys, what is it?

Avocado at every Italian restaurant…or ban avocado all together?!?

See you in September!



    • In my realm, every restaurant and food purveyor (fast food, school cafeterias, corporate catering services) would have to provide at least one offering, sweet or savory, Jell-O-based or non-, I’m a benevolent dictator, created from a Bundt pan, fancifully shaped mold, or in the shape of a ring.


  1. Hate to do it here and if it bugs anyone, please just ignore it, but I’ve been out of internet reach for a week and came back yesterday and saw something that caught my eye.

    The boiling frog “theory” or whatever was mentioned yesterday, and not that it matters hugely, but it isn’t a thing, not frog is sitting in hot water until it boils them dead. Similar to the false lemming study, these two things get mentioned a bunch but are not accurate. I first read about the boil frog theory in “Story of B” or one of the trilogy anyway, but I’ve read since it doesn’t happen, along with reading the lemmings were forced off the cliff.

    I could be wrong, but that is what I’ve read.

  2. @MegMegMcGee you can already order your electric Mini!

    To those asshats that think loan forgiveness is bad…

    and today’s Who Wore it Better contest…

    • I was busy and didn’t have time to comment fully, but a lot of people don’t realize that fundamentalist Christians essentially consider women property (“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands”} and they’re expected to obey men. So yes, putting a fundie woman on the Supreme Court is basically giving the seat to the man who gives her orders. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Barrett thinks for herself.

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