Awwwwww! [NOT 12/5/23]

Wud A Widdle Widdle Wiggy Wuggums!

Puppy and kittens in a wagon
Harry Whittier Frees / The Outing / ca. 1914 / source:

Who’s So Good? Is It You? Is It You? It’s You!

Last week I had an NOT about the disgusting topic of eating bugs, so this week I’m changing gears.

A couple of days ago I took our latest foster dog for a walk in the park by the stream near our house, and what do I see? A momma duck herding something like eight little ducklings! BABY DUCKLINGS! WITTLE BABY DUCKIES!

Momma would paddle through little pools and the little babies would paddle after her. She skittered through little rapids and the fluffernutters would skitter after her. She’d scamper up and down the stream bank around an obstacle and the teeny tiny wittle babies would scamper after her.

So your solemn duty, dear Deadsplinterfuzzballs, is to share something unbelievably cute you’ve seen in the past year or four.

A Joy Ride / Harry Whittier Frees / ca. 1914 / source:

Have you been blessed recently with a visit with kittens or puppies? Or maybe a newborn baby human child? Seen any chicks or baby sparrows?

Or as far as inanimate things, maybe you’ve seen some shoes that were just unbelievably cute? Or maybe you went to a happy hour that had teeny tiny sliders and egg rolls that made you go a little wobbly at the knees? Gone to a tea with itsy bitsy sandwiches you could only hold with your thumb and one finger?

Maybe you just thinned out a bunch of radish sprouts from your garden and made a tiny salad out of the little leaves and baby radishes.

Have you watched a sci fi show recently that has successfully capitalized on the Baby Yoda phenomenon and come up with its own ridiculously charming baby alien? Or maybe seen some little thing in a comic book that was incredibly manipulative but you loved it anyway?

OK, I’ll admit it, those little airplane sized bottles of Cointreau are awfully cute.

Tell Us About Your Cutie-Wooties!

Time to let down your guard, Deadsplintersofties, and tell us about something you’ve seen recently with big eyes and a squishy, pudgy, rollie pollie outside that made you go awwwwwww. We’re all friends. We’ll understand.



  1. we donated most of our catnip to the kiddy farm today….figuring they’d pass it on to all to the cat owners….yeah no bueno…..made a pensioner real happy about mint tea tho


    so….. theres that

    didnt know catnip made good tea

  2. I drive by a landfill and quarry on the way to work and I used to see tons of really cool turkey vultures just living their best lives and it has been almost nonexistent since last October. I know they’re semi-migratory but I was getting really worried! This morning I saw about a dozen soaring and another dozen on a billboard! I was screaming YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!! in the car when I saw them because it made me so happy!

  3. If i could justify getting a dog right now (I’m WAY too busy, not home enough, and won’t be home enough for the next couple months, minimum!), I’d probably make an exception to my hard rule about “must be a primarily BLACK dog, so I’m not walking around *looking* like I have dog hair alllllll over!!!” rule….

    And I’d go get this sweet boy this weekend–‘cuz he is CUTE, and his personality is *right* in the wheelhouse of what I want😉💖


      • Yep, the roommates have the boycat!

        He’s a tooooootal weirdo, and we all love him😉😁

        He falls much more into the category of “Little Orng Weirdo” than “One Orange Braincell,” because while he *is* a toooootal himbo sometimes, he’s also much more *obnoxiously smart* than *cute but DUMB*😆

        One of his favorite things right now, is drinking from the tub faucet. That left paw having to go *Up!* and get stretched out HUGE, Every.Single.Time he gets a drink cracks me up!😆😂🤣💖



  4. My cute youngest daughter is home from college for the summer.  Rocked her sophomore year, deans list & packed up all her shit without us going on the 5 hour drive to help her.  So proud & thank god I got her a Subaru wagon that was packed to the top.

  5. oh but i kinda missed the topic last night…. the kiddy farm has a bunch of these tribbles

    i absodefinitely handfeed them whenever i have the chance….so cute

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