Back Again! [DOT 13/9/21]

Hi gang! I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend. I went apple picking and then made pie, so I’ve got that fall feeling, even though it’s still humid af here.

Let’s see what else is going on, shall we?

I mean, if they are trained medical personal, and don’t want a vaccine, then maybe they are in the wrong line of work.

A hospital says it won’t deliver babies after staffers resigned over coronavirus vaccine mandate

He looks like a sweet man. It didn’t have to be like this!!

Alabama man dies after being turned away from 43 hospitals as covid packs ICUs, family says


NFL Week 1 scores, highlights, updates, schedule: Mac Jones throws first-career TD; Chiefs rally past Browns


Stock futures are modestly higher after Dow, S&P post five straight days of losses

Birb content:

Octavia Spencer knows what’s up.

Hope you have a great Monday!



    • Her father has filed to end the conservatorship. The judge still has to approve it though, and her lawyers are still investigating him (dad) for misconduct. I have two theories: he either has some terrible secret he is hoping to make go away, or he’s hoping Britney will fall flat on her face. Either way I hope he falls in a well and dies.

      • …not sure where I came across the suggestion but someone/something gave me to understand that he said he’d withdraw but needed to get the financial data up to date…except that takes long enough that there’ll be another set outstanding by the time the current lot are done…so it might not be as done a deal as it sounds?

  1. Oh to be an Opinion Page writer for the NY Times and only work if you feel like it!
    In his latest, Brooks makes the clueless claim that “over the last several years something interesting happened: Authoritarians found God. They used religious symbols as nationalist identity markers and rallying cries.”
    Where the hell has he been? He even openly contradicts himself, noting “Putin has long associated himself with religious philosophers” but he fails to acknowledge that Putin has wrapped himself in the Russian Orthodox Church since day 1.
    Latin American dictators have long embraced Catholicism, Modi has been a Hindu nationalist forever, the Taliban and Iran’s Mullahs have been openly claiming Sunni and Shiite authority, the oppressive government in Myanmar claims Buddhist authority….
    And of course, the GOP’s marriage of authoritarianism and fundamentalist Christianity goes back decades.
    Even AYN RAND worried about the GOP’s embrace of theocracy when she refused to back Reagan in the 1980 election.
    There is nothing remotely new about any of this. 
    Brooks is probably trying to salvage some kind of intellectual authority for his brand of conservatism, but he is so stupid he completely undercuts himself.

  2. Kestrels are so cool. I almost ran into one during a run in late spring. It was just sitting on a sign post as I jogged down a pathway. I looked up and was almost face-to-face with him. And he just stared back and didn’t move as I jogged by.

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