Back Again! [DOT 20/3/23]

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Pretty low-key here. Just ran some errands and worked on getting the house presentable for some houseguests in 2 weeks. Did you do anything exciting?

Ukraine Updates:

Putin visits occupied Mariupol, staking claim to invaded Ukrainian lands

Um, disagree

Mike Pence calls potential Trump indictment ‘not what the American people want to see’

That’s a shame

Dominion lawsuit is just the start as Fox faces losing friends – and viewers


Oh no

At least 16 dead after magnitude 6.8 earthquake shakes Ecuador


Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic lifts the madness to another level


UBS offers to buy Credit Suisse for ‘substantially’ more than $1 billion, sources say

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    • What will be really interesting to see is, if Dominion prevails and Fox gets hit hard with billions in penalties, what impact will that have on the even more psychotic channels like newsmax and…the other one, which I forget because it isn’t important enough for me to remember.

      • OAN. I think. If Dominion wins (and I think they will unless the Supreme Taliban gets involved), Smartmatic is right behind with an even bigger lawsuit. Swatting the shitty little websites would almost be an afterthought once Fox is fucked.

      • Carriers are working on dropping them — DirecTV recently won a lawsuit letting them go ahead with stopping OAN.

        The ratings are miniscule for these and while I’m sure it’s illegal for Fox to negotiate directly with someone like Verizon to spike them, Murdoch has always been willing to hint very strongly what he wants.

      • Silver’s a Republican shill. He’s not even bothering to try to hide it now. They know that if Trump runs again, he loses again, so they’re desperate to try to woo the MAGAts away from Trump to DeSantis. Ain’t gonna work.

        Ya’ll built a monster, and now it’s slaughtering you. I know MAGAts don’t read, but I kinda thought the leadership might have a passing familiarity with Frankenstein.

  1. Also I know Cheeto Mussolini is trying to rile up his nutjobs for protests tomorrow.

    But more importantly, March 21st is National Crunchy Taco Day and those fuckers won’t take that from us.

    • This is a far-fetched scenario but I would love it if MAGAts found their way to my neighborhood. It is possible. They could rally at the Trump Building at Columbus Circle (that’s not Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue; it’s the old Gulf & Western/Paramount Building), it’s been done before. Rally over, they head into the subways. Unfamiliar with the city, sub-literate, and lacking common sense, they board an A or D express train headed uptown. Next stop: 125th Street in Harlem! Yes, Harlem’s Main Street. My fellow citizens would probably just look at them as the freaks that they are, American flag capes, MAGA hats, and probably just figure it was another weird white people’s thing, like St. Patrick’s Day, or SantaCon. However, from what I’ve seen from news footage, MAGAts don’t seem to be in the best of physical health and the whole experience might push them a little closer to their Eternal Rest.

  2. It’s pretty incredible to watch Pence in real-time make the calculation that the only unforgivable sin here is bad-mouthing the party favorite. So even if the person in question wouldn’t have lifted a finger to save him from the fake-but-not-that-fake gallows they brought for him, he has to toe the line just in case. I’d say it’s a cult, but honestly, it’s not even that all-encompassing. Pence isn’t coming at this with a clouded mind; he knows full well that the gravy train ends if he pisses off the base.

    Moreover, I still find it somewhat hard to picture Trump as the ’24 nominee but so far the terms of the GOP primary are nominees have to say: He’s great, he did nothing wrong, he won in 2020 and it’s all lies about him. Anyone who says otherwise is getting cast out Lucifer-style. How can anyone other than Mango Unchained possibly win on those terms?

    • DeSantis is doing the same gymnastics. Trump is taking constant potshots at him, but he can’t respond except in the most bland of phrasing, for fear of pissing off the crazies. He loses that 27%, they won’t vote for him ever (because crazy). So he’s just hiding and pretending he doesn’t hear Trump’s insults.

      • That to me at least makes some political sense. Bad news for Trump is good news for DeSantis at this point, and I think he’s self-aware enough to know that he cannot get drawn into that fight publicly because he will lose, badly. (Let alone if Trump would take his ball to a third party if he lost the nomination, which I have always believed he doesn’t have the energy, ability or desire to do, but if he got insulted enough by Meatball Ron … maybe?)

        DeSantis isn’t Jeb!, but it’s hard to foresee a path for any candidate so long as half the primary voters are going Trump’s way.

  3. When I had my East German Experience in the mid-1980s I got the lay of the land in East Berlin. What was shocking to any hyper-consumerist Westerner, including myself, was the relative absence of much retail of any kind. It was all under the control of the State, and recreational shopping (“retail therapy”) was not a pastime enjoyed by residents of the German Democratic Republic. Add to this the fact that the regime was a few short years away from total collapse, but no one knew that then, least of all the American “intelligence” services.

    And still everything was managed far better than what New York State is (in)capable of doing in 2023:


      • There’s probably some of that but it’s more the storefront mosques, evangelical churches, and Orthodox Jewish gathering places (I don’t know that these are really temples; I think in some places rabbis set up shop like the Evangelicals wherever they can) that tend to get squeezed in mid-block next to other retail storefronts.

        There’s a very charming turn-of-the-20th-century Catholic Church near me on a corner lot that has a fenced-in yard and apartment housing to the north and east. Near me also are three Evangelical storefronts, one in a former wig store, one next to a pawn shop, and one wedged between two knock-off fast-food places. Those are the ones at risk of having a 24-hour smoke shop move in next door.

  4. I’m not sure I believe Trump will spend time in jail but he is sure as hell going to spend most of the rest of his life in court…

    Think you can do that in NYC?  Fahgettaboutit…

    Hmmm…wouldn’t have guessed this…

    • Picking a fight with a drag queen is a really bad idea. They’ve been through enough that they often know how to fight. There was a local one in my youth that essentially flattened four assailants.

    • Women dying is fine though for the republicans. It’s god’s will.

      Like seriously it doesn’t matter to these supermajority states how bad it gets because women are chattel to them and if you have to go outback and shoot an animal, welp these things happen.

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