Back Again…[DOT 9/5/22]

Hi gang! Hope you all are doing well and had a great weekend. I had a lovely time visiting my friends and me and my liver were glad to be home yesterday.

How about you? Good weekend?

Ukraine Updates:
Russia-Ukraine war latest: 60 people confirmed killed in school bombing; Jill Biden makes unannounced Ukraine visit

Gillibrand calls abortion rights ‘fight of generation’ after ‘bone-chilling’ court draft opinion

They should be shouted out of every Starbucks in Chevy Chase!

Outside Kavanaugh’s home, a neighbor rallies for abortion rights


An American woman stricken at a resort in the Bahamas is now hospitalized in Miami, official says

A Massachusetts family thought they rescued a stray puppy. It turned out to be a coyote


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  1. Roosters are no joke. When I was about that girl’s age we had a large Brahman rooster (a little bigger than the one in the video) and that fucker wouldn’t let anyone in the chicken coop. Then we got a duck who immediately went after that rooster and tore about half his feathers off. No problem after that

  2. 1. I lived in Georgia and had no idea these things existed.

    Georgia Guv Candidate Builds Campaign on Demolition of ‘Satanic’ Tablets

    Quote: “I am the ONLY candidate bold enough to stand up to the Luciferian Cabal,” [said third-place gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor.]

    Is she related to Marjorie Taylor-Greene? Probably. It is Georgia.

    2. Presented because true.

    Cartoon: Life in the stupidverse

    3. American exceptionalism. But sure, let’s keep fucking up education.

    Exclusive: Congress urged to ease immigration for foreign science talent

    4. Wait. Trump is weirded out?

    ‘Weirded out’ Trump ‘disgusted’ by Madison Cawthorn’s latest antics: report


    • From the linked green card article:

      “Several Republican senators, including Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) have said they’re open to keeping the green card provision in final legislation”

      As in, U-Texas, Ohio State, and other home state universities and corporations are blowing the alarm sirens about a brain drain as their academics and researchers flee repressive policies on women, LGBTQ, minorities….

      If you are a doctor, history professor, or even mathematician, do you really want to risk lawsuits and arrest, or subject your family to repressive policies in those states?

      One of the things the press needs to do is talk about the broader implications of the right wing agenda besides just casting it as a horse race.

        • Jim Crow laws were an economic disaster, and the effect those laws had on academics and technology development was a significant part of it. And they hurt the country as a whole by screwing up the K-12 education of tens of millions who then failed to contribute more to the US.

          Reporters don’t want to hurt the feelings of GOP politicians by putting these issues in a broader context, so they act like it’s only a question of inconvenience if women might have to drive to Illinois for a legal abortion.

        • I think it’s easy to forget that just because someone is not white and coming to the US for work/research, doesn’t mean they potentially aren’t also conservatives or racists themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of folks who to into the U Texas system consider themselves model minorities or ideologically aligned with conservatives.

  3. This one is potentially explosive…

    (Dunno for sure, I haven’t gotten alllll the way through it yet!);

    It crossed my timeline, because of Wait wait’s Peter Sagal;



    • It’s a pretty long way of saying “Shut the fuck up, Megs” but not surprising.

      The twitter thread confirms that her stylists on the View hated her guts too… as if the awful/ridiculous  hairstyles they put her in weren’t a telltale sign.

      Sorry Steve, but Juan McCainiac seemed to trust the wrong assholes.  Charles Keating. Sarah Palin. Rick Davis.

      Pawlenty was a terrible choice, but not as horrible as Palin who is as dumb as she is vicious.

      Also, he could have fought back against the Rove’s allegations of a “black baby” but he didn’t either.

    • I believe Steve Schmidt but all these fuckers in the Lincoln Project and other never Trumpers only tell the truth when it is convenient or profitable to them.  How about all the Bush guys telling us the truth about the war & the Saudis?  Let’s also hear about how you have the  same policies that Trump has just don’t like him being too stupid to keep them a secret and says the quiet part out loud!  As for McCain, he was not a war hero, he was a shitty reckless pilot.  My friend’s dad was an aircraft carrier admiral during the war & told stories of what a dumbshit bad pilot he was.  My father was a fighter pilot in Vietnam too and while he wouldn’t speak trash about him he definitely didn’t think he was a competent pilot.


      • For anyone interested in what happened on the Forrestal (mentioned in that History link), this is the copy of Life Magazine from just after the Zippo went up–

        McCain was on one of the planes in line to launch (full disclosure, i have a copy of this exact Magazine, since the Forrestal/USS Zippo/USS ForrestFire/Firestal was the ship my dad was on after she limped back to port & was recommissioned, and I grew up hearing about her throughout my childhood…. saw a copy of this magazine one time when I was at an antique store, & have had it in my book collection ever since).

        One of the reasons the disaster killed so many sailors, was that she was originally designed with the crew’s berths & work areas directly under the deck, and a bunch of folks ended up dying in their bunks or hurt really badly, as the bombs tore into the deck.

        The pictures in the Life article are pretty mind-blowing, when you realize that that mangled decking was 3″ thick.

        When she got redone, they moved the berths to a different area of the ship, and the area directly under the decks became the ship’s galley and mess halls.



  4. Shaq, which ship was your dad on?

    (The only other one I know well-ish was the Bonnie Dick, that was both the ship the Forrestal was headed to Vietnam to relieve before the fire, and the ship that my uncle–Dad’s older brother–served on…

    The disaster meant my uncle and all his crewmates had to stay patrolling & running bombing missions for an additional 6 months or so, until a second ship could get over there to relieve the Bon Homme Richard & her crew.


    • @emmerdoesnotrepresentme  My dad was based on land but they did some missions from air craft carriers.  I have his flight records but can’t really decipher them very well.  I know many of the Marine missions were from USS America & trained on the Franklin Roosevelt for his type of aircraft, the F4.  My buddy’s dad led the Enterprise during the war but I’m not sure if my dad ever landed on that one when he was the chief officer but he definitely landed on it.

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