Back At It [DOT 7/2/22]

It’s somehow Monday again. For those of you who celebrate, that means you have 1 week until Valentine’s Day.

I’m back from my trip to Atlanta. I’m hopeful no more emergencies come up because I don’t feel like getting on another plane for a while.

I forgot the Germans got a new guy.

Scholz says response to Russia will be ‘united and decisive’ if Ukraine is invaded

OMG, this is crazy.

18 people rescued from ice floe on Lake Erie

They are definitely over it in Georgia…

Covid isn’t gone. Frustrated Americans are moving on anyway.


‘I have no more tears’: Beijing’s Winter Olympics hit by athlete complaints


Stock futures are lower after S&P 500 posts best week of the year

For my bird peeps:

Have a great day!



  1. 18 on an ice flow is not strange.  It’s the normal stupid where I used to live in rural Ontario. There is always an ice fishing fanatic so desperate to ice fish that he doesn’t care 0r too drunk to care that the ice isn’t strong enough.

    Same applies to snowmobilers.

  2. Fun fact: Starlings were introduced to North America when a very stupid man, who dreamed of releasing every bird mentioned by Shakespeare into Central Park, let a breeding pair loose. He was arrested but the damage was done. They are now one of the largest populations of invasive birds on the continent.

      • I wasn’t there that day, but when he played at the arena where I worked he gave off really weird vibes at the sound check.  He didn’t want anybody listening or really even paying attention to him.

      • I had to check to make sure he didn’t die when you said “was”!  Only time I saw him was when he showed up at a Jimmy Buffet concert and sang a few of his own tunes with Jimmy doing back up.  The friend that gave us the tickets was pissed since he was a huge Neil fan.

    • One of his best. Most of my Whitney family are Niel Young fans and my father and uncle’s have been listening and singing his tunes to us for years, but only the last 5 or so checking his catalog out for myself.

      This is one I am sure they played at some point, but I was not as familiar with and it is a good tune.

      Love listening to this camping.

  3. John Dean is NOT happy with this NY Times article by Michael Schmidt on the 1/6 Committee.

    It’s the second time recently that the Times and Schmidt have seriously messed up coverage of the 1/6 Committee, showing a major misunderstanding of what they are doing.

    Basically Schmidt has the situation upside down — he thinks they’re just manufacturing a case out of a few random pebbles like the GOP’s Benghazi Committee, instead of digging up entire boulders, like the Watergate Committee.

    And he is still clueless about how DOJ is working in tandem with the 1/6 Committee, not as a reluctant partner. He’s regurgitating what GOP PR is feeding him, and it’s pretty awful how the Times is enabling this.

    • To be honest, I think even that that underestimates what they wanted. It wasn’t about chaos, it was about a sudden coup.

      In late 2020 his people were openly talking about Trump taking command of National Guard units and declaring a state of emergency.

      On 1/3 every former Defense Secretary, including Trump’s former DOD chiefs, signed an unprecedented joint statement warning against military intervention in the election (side note, the NY Times has never bothered to mention this once anywhere).

      Right before 1/6 Mark Meadows wrote about Trump expecting to send the National Guard to the Capitol to supposedly protect his people from Antifa.

      Curiously, Meadows and other insiders like Ivanka are now being talked about as pleading with Trump on 1/6 to intervene. It’s not, as they are trying to spin, because they were horrified. They knew beforehand that paramilitaries like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were gathering with plans to storm the Capitol. They were creating the pretext for Trump to take over the Capitol.

      I think the plan was a naked power grab. Trump had installed stooges and lackeys in the top leadership at DOD. He wanted to use the goons to break in to the Capitol and seize hostages and possibly kill Pence and members of Congress, and then use that as a pretext for taking control of the National Guard, declare a state of emergency, and simply hold power.

      The election stuff was just a pretext. It didn’t really matter what the details were, which is why I think he was happy to have Giuliani, Lindell and other bumblers losing challenge after challenge in the states. The action was at the Capitol, and it was only minutes that prevented the gangs from seizing Pence and members of Congress, which would have triggered the final piece of the coup.

      • I agree, and have for a long time. It was never about an election. If the rioters had managed to get to any public official, Trump would have used it as an excuse to declare martial law. Period. He would have happily let them hang Pence if that provided the excuse he needed.

        Basically the whole thing failed because a few cops did their jobs, and the military stayed out of it. We came a LOT closer to the Combover Empire than anyone really likes to admit.

        • I don’t think military nonintervention was a given, either. The indictment for seditious conspiracy makes clear there were guys with firearms en route from nearby suburbs.

          If the zip tie guys had even a few members of Congress barricaded in a room, the calls for Trump to take over the situation would have been all he needed. He just needed the guys with AR 15s to have enough time to follow the rest of the crowd inside to justify a mobilization on all of DC.

          I don’t think this necessarily negates the other electoral stuff, but it would have been window dressing after the fact, not the main plan.

        • …there’s a podcast I’ve sometimes listened to called opening arguments that involves a lawyer…& he has a sort of shorthand phrase for tactics that require that some aspect of the law be read “just right” in a goldilocks kind of way in order to provide a sought after outcome…he refers to those sorts of things as a “one weird trick”…& if I remember rightly once in a blue moon there are even some with an outside chance of succeeding in the right circumstances

          …the strong impression I get is that a lot of the people trump was entertaining around the election as well as in its aftermath were trying to get him to buy in to their personal “one weird trick” to keep him in office in the face of a loss…& most of those people’s schemes all had a tendency to escalate swiftly in a double-or-quits sort of a way…which has a flavor of zealotry about it that I don’t think their putative figurehead has ever shown signs of possessing?

          …on the other hand the unpresidented one seems to have gone through much of his life pursuing tactics in which the important thing is the outcome avoiding him being personally exposed to punitive consequences…& whilst I buy that he may very well understand a lot of stuff poorly enough to think some of the stuff he tried to get away with while in office wasn’t as big of a deal as it actually was…I think a lifetime of trying to stay ahead of the consequences of the stuff he’s routinely done for which there ought to have been any number of criminal convictions means he’s likely very aware of where the line representing something becoming illegal lies…& has a pretty acute understanding of the point beyond it at which pretending otherwise only remains possible if the matter remains out of a courtroom

          …so while I think the reality of what would have had to happen for things to go the way he thought they could would indeed have been a coup…I think it’s possible that to him it would all have been “one weird trick” to stay in office and thereby unprosecutable…which doesn’t make any of it less fucked up…but I think he maybe thought it “wasn’t any more illegal” than a bunch of shit he’s gotten away with repeatedly over the years?

          …so I definitely think there’s a pretty long list of people who tried to enable that stuff knowing full well exactly how fucked up it was…but I guess I think he never really thought past the “can/will you do the thing I’m asking?” part because only his personal outcome was really real to him & everything else just so much set dressing & of lesser consequence…the way “winning” law suits by buying NDAs or not “losing” money by defaulting on payments he owes is all a matter of merely finding the right person to “get it done”

          …if it weren’t for the parts that seem to involve trying to shred the fabric of society I think the levels of desperation implied by everything he’s said & done around the election might actually make me happy?

          …like…at some level you have to imagine that the biggest recurring scene in his orbit for a couple of years now must start with “so – how bad is this for us?” & the answers have to have started out pretty bad & got progressively worse since?

          • There’s an old Army saying, “The enlisted man is stupid but cunning and sly.”

            That’s pretty much how I’ve come to think of Trump. He’s stupid but has a sneaky sort of cunning that has helped him avoid consequences over the decades. There was a story last week about how he routinely tore up any piece of paper he was “done” with (I’m not going to say “read”). It’s actually against the law — that’s all part of national records — but nobody could get him to stop doing it. That’s what I mean — it’s a sort of reflexive cover-up impulse. He sort of automatically obscures his dealings. The same thing with Trump’s constant lying. It’s like an octopus squirting out an ink cloud to confuse predators. None of it is really thought out — it’s just this reflexive “try anything” animal cunning.

            The whole “one weird trick” basically fits his mentality. Just trying different schemes and cons to see what might stick.

  4. My craziest experience snowmobiling was riding on (what I thought) was a frozen lake.  I took a rookie out with me and we were following some other tracks across the lake when all of a sudden the tracks just ended.  I signaled the other rider to turn back and he did the opposite way of me.  I kept my throttle pinned until I saw a big hole right in front of me and it took me straight down.  I thought I was going to the bottom of the lake but some how hit solid snow/ice at the bottom and came flying out of the hole.  I was able to stay on the sled and keep enough speed to make it back to land as was the unsuspecting rookie.  Most people don’t realize that snowmobiles will cruise on water if you keep the nose up and throttle pinned.


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