Back At It [DOT 8/11/21]

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was super-productive; I got a lot done around the house but I could use another extra hour or so for a nap.

“Religious” exemption?

Nearing Monday coronavirus vaccine deadline, thousands of federal workers seek religious exemptions to avoid shots

What a debacle.
Videos show Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert continued despite desperate pleas for help from the crowd


Missing teen rescued after making a hand gesture she learned from TikTok to signal for help

Listen to the bird!

Sprots! Ahh, it’s all making sense now…

He added: “I consulted with a now good friend of mine Joe Rogan, after he got Covid and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff that he recommended.”

Health care company ends relationship with Packers star Aaron Rodgers


Dow futures are little changed after a record close on Friday

Inject it into my veins:

Grace and Frankie Adds Dolly Parton, Completing 9 to 5 Reunion

Go get ’em!



  1. Well, huzzah! The US has opened its border to the vaccinated (with proof, and negative Covid test if coming by air) from the US, Mexico, the EU, and some but not all other countries. I’m sure all of Canada is hopping into their cars and making their flight arrangements as we speak! Welcome back.

    • Have I had a stroke? I am only now realizing that the second “the US” should have said “Canada.” Oh well, I guess you all understood it…

    • It’s not so much that I think Karl is incorrect about Trump saying this, but that Karl still seems to be clueless after years of covering Trump about how he operates.

      The kicker is the line “Donald Trump was in no mood for small talk or nostalgic goodbyes,”

      Hello, Mr. Chief Washington Correspondent, was Trump ever in a mood for small talk or nostalgic goodbyes?

      Trump’s entire MO is making ridiculous, impossible threats and seeing what kind of reaction and concessions he can get. There was no way he could create a third party, everyone knew it, and his bluster was all about negotiating the best severance package possible. Something else was on the negotiating table, but Karl has no idea what it was.

      Instead of portraying this as a game, explaining what was really going on, and how the sources who are pushing this story are promoting an agenda, Karl is just showing himself as a dupe and a tool. It’s another hint why the DC political press is so bad at their jobs.

  2. It is way past the time for this.  We need Adam Schiff or Ted Lieu!

    and on the climate change battlefront, you really don’t see too much about how Siberia had forest fires this year that were bigger than all the U.S. one’s combined…


    • lol

  3. Hahahahaha Aaron Rodgers is so fucking dumb.

    In August he said he was immunized. Did he think he could walk that back now? His little homeopathic bullshit isn’t comparable to immunization. He knew that then and now.

    • I just saw that, key word is “acting”.  The whole sedition caucus are nothing but screaming toddlers that throw themselves on the ground when they don’t get their way.  They all need to be in jail and as I stated above, if we had a REAL DOJ they would be.

    • That’s disgusting 

      • Certainly looks like he is threatening the president & other congress members.  Secret service needs to bring him in and put him in a cell until he can come up with an answer.

        • I watched it on my phone and couldn’t tell that was supposed to be AOC and Biden at first. Watched it again with my phone up to my face ( stupid lousy eyesight!), and I’m revolted.

    • uhhh…what the fuck did i just watch?

      could politicians please remember they are sposed to be generally capable uncureably uncool nerds and get back to work in a sane und orderly manner?

      that would be nice

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