Back, Back Again [DOT 25/7/22]

Happy Monday gang. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I felt super productive as I got a bunch of way overdue maintenance done on my car. And most of it was covered by a warranty I didn’t even know I had, so yay for that. Then on Sunday my neighbor had a mojito party. I don’t care for mint. Fight me.

Let’s see what else is going on…

Rapey McForehead was trending on Twitter and I knew immediately who they were talking about.

Ah, nevertheless

‘US democracy will not survive for long’: how January 6 hearings plot a roadmap to autocracy

If you already have Google Money, why sleep with Elon Musk?!?!?
Elon Musk’s Friendship With Sergey Brin Ruptured by Alleged Affair


David Ortiz enters the Hall of Fame with enthusiasm only he can bring


Markets face what could be the most important week of summer with Fed, earnings and economic data




  1. Well.

    • Rupert Murdoch may be 91 but he’s never been stupid and is not now mentally incapacitated. Having escaped the provincial backwaters of what was once a colonial prison colony and made a name for himself in New York and London, game knows game, and he undoubtedly recognized Trump for what he was over 40 years ago, as did anyone else who had two brain cells to rub together. I’ll never tire of repeating this election-related data point: In 2016, by the time Trump had pretty much sewn up the Republican nomination, New York held its Republican closed primary (only registered Republicans could vote in it.) Every single county in New York went for Trump except for one, New York County, which is Manhattan. Manhattan Republicans, who were the most likely of all Americans to have dealt with Trump in real life, went for the little remembered John Kasich.

      The Clinton campaign, disaster that it was, never made anything about this little factoid, but it could have. He may have won his home state, but he didn’t win among his neighbors and professional associates. Clinton, our helicoptered-in notional Senator for eight unremarkable years, carried her county (suburban Westchester) quite handily.

  2. This one’s for blue dogcollar:

  3. Sad news: David Warner, a British actor who was in all kinds of things in his long career, has died at age 80:

    What this obit doesn’t point out is not only did he play baddie Spicer Lovejoy in the 1997 Cameron Titanic extravaganza, he was also in the laughably inept 1979 TV movie S. O. S. Titanic:

    Oddly enough I bet Helen Mirren doesn’t include her minor role in this fiasco on her CV.

    As a Titanic obsessive I believe I have seen every Titanic movie ever made, at least the ones produced in English and the infamous Nazi one in German:

    so I take Warner’s death as a personal loss. Here he is with co-star Susan Saint James, aboard the ill-fated luxury liner, 1912 as imagined by 1979 studio hacks:

  4. This is why Kama’ainas (locals) hate disrespectful tourists.  Huge sign on the beach warning of monk seals with pups.  Rocky is a good mom!


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