Back On Track! [DOT 16/4/21]

Somehow RIP and I screwed up the good schedule we had going where he overwhelms you and I underwhelm you every other day….

So I’m taking the under and giving you two days of MegMeg in a row. Aren’t you the lucky ones?

You know, when I said we are back on track, I didn’t mean like this.

Multiple people with gunshot wounds after shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis, police say

Or this!

Chicago releases video of officer fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo

Definitely a top 10 most punchable face:

How the Justice Department came to investigate Rep. Matt Gaetz

And another one!

Today’s animal content:

Gals, if your man won’t get a bobcat for you, why are you even with him?

Have a good one!



  1. …so…I might have been late…but I thought it was me today…&…well…I dunno…people might prefer yours?

    • But you have Tom Waits!

    • I totally screwed that up! Oh well, enjoy people 

      • @MegMegMcGee and @SplinerRIP, we DeadSplinterati can enjoy them both!

  2. Welp … with the whole world now shopping online I guess it was only a matter of time till a postie went postal

  3. Need to get my eyes checked, I’m seeing DOTs everywhere!

    Thank you, thank you, yes I’m a dad, why did you ask… ?

  4. I felt sorry for the poor skinny bear. Also I have no idea what I saw in the bobcat video.

  5. Joel Greenberg has been a problem here in Florida for four years, but Republicans turned a blind eye to it. Probably because he collected kompromat on all of them. 
    The reason I was wary is that Greenberg reminds me of my old boss, Frank Amadeo. I worked for him for a few months and realized he was insane and quit. He was later arrested in what wast the largest case of payroll tax fraud in US history at that time. He was also severely mentally ill: 
    “Amodeo is a unique high-functioning, sub-classification rapid-cycling axis-1 bipolar with narcissistic and antisocial, psychotic features. Simply put, his mood shifts constantly between manic and depressive episodes, during which he has delusions with manic themes.”
    People wonder how Greenberg thought he could get away with it. Simple answer: He didn’t. He just thought he was so smart and powerful that the world would bend to his wishes. 

    • Wow.  He sounds horrible. 
      I lived with the cokehead who had similar issues, especially narcissism and delusions of grandeur.
      Greenberg is not a smart one.  In fact he’s a fucking idiot who will go in history as the man who killed Matt Gaetz’ political career (and the stupidest of them all.)

      • By all accounts, in person Amadeo was charming. I never met him face to face — I’d like to think I would have realized then he was crazy, but he fooled a lot of people. He was super paranoid — had a major security staff to protect him. He rarely associated with the underlings like me, but some of my co-workers had met and talked to him.
        I got nervous with his acquisition strategy. Amadeo claimed to have a master plan for his Genesis model — each business he acquired had “synergies” that made it a valuable fit into the overall portfolio. But the numbers and the purchases didn’t add up. He’d buy a Harley dealership and then a pool servicing business. Nobody could explain the “synergies” to me. That’s because there weren’t any — Amadeo was stealing the payroll taxes from his acquisitions and using them to fund operations and new acquisitions. He literally didn’t care what company he bought as long as they had staff and collected payroll taxes. 
        I worked there for three months, and got more and more nervous. I’d left a good job to take this one. I had a friend there who agreed with me — nothing made sense. He encouraged me to call my previous boss and ask if I could have my old job back. I finally did it — that was incredibly awkward. But staying there and going down with the ship would have been worse.
        My buddy ended up staying until the end (about 3 months after I left), but he started taking his paychecks to the bank and cashing them, instead of trying to deposit them. He was literally the last person to get paid because of that. The final payroll bounced across the organization, but he got his money because he got his check at 9 am, left work and drove to the bank, and cashed it. By that afternoon people realized they were fucked and all the offices closed. People lost the money they put into the 401K too. My buddy actually got yelled at by the office manager because he cashed his paycheck. 
        There are still people who believe in Amadeo’s “vision” of ruling the world. I know a couple (the office manager above was one). It’s really not that different from MAGAs. 

  6. You guys do fine work, but today this is the only news I need:

    • The only decision I’m going to make today is kickin’ in the front seat or sittin’ in the back seat.

    • Have you ever seen this parody version? It is (gasp) a decade old. The subtitles kind of explain who Rebekah Brooks is and what a vile, reprehensible person she is.

      • Oh, okay. Took me a minute to figure out that video 1 is not the same person featured in video 2. 

        • The subsequent investigation into the phone hacking scandal (and it was a huge scandal at the time) led to a hearing. One of the Murdoch sons is shown about to answer a question. Slightly off-camera, a man tried to throw a pie at Rupert Murdoch. A woman in a pink jacket leapt from her seat and whacked the would be pie-thrower. That woman is Wendy Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s wife at the time.

          • The British have the best altercations. 

  7. Thanks for all the the animal links Meg, this ones for you…


  8. and as a Friday bonus, I give you the finger!


    • Okay, worst fucking criminal EVER. Talk about leaving fingerprints behind. 

  9. I try to avoid the “if that kid were white” argument because I think it’s cliched and generally lazy.  But I can’t help thinking that if that kid were white, a lot of people who are defending the cop might instead be bitching about the Second Amendment and government tyranny.  I almost answered someone this morning who said “what is a 13-year-old doing with a gun?” Trumpist with “he’s defending himself against government tyranny, as is his right,”  Amost.  Then I decided it wasn’t worth spending the rest of my morning arguing with people who would not ever get the point.
    What’s that meme with the cartoon guy sweating over which button to push?  I wish someone would make one of the Nazario video in Virginia, where the buttons say “Support the Troops” and “Back the Blue.”

    • If Peaky Blinders ever comes back, I wonder how they’ll handle it.

      • @LemmyKilmister they are in the middle of filming right now… I wonder if they already accounted for it. I don’t know how they will ballance it out sans Polly. She became so integral to the show and my favorite character other than Tommy.

        • I liked John, the quiet deadly one.  I was pissed when they killed him off.

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