Back to One: Drinking Buddies

I was going to write a long flowery post about historical movies – but life got in the way so here I am with something completely different. If you could hang out with any fictional character or characters – have drinks, dinner, play golf, whatever – who would you choose?

I think I would have to hitch a ride on a Space X rocket to hit the bar at the International Space Station so I could have drinks with Han Solo and Ellen Ripley. No whiny Tatooine farm boys and no prehensile jawed gargantuan insects with acid for blood are invited. Chewie could come though – he’s cool. And, maybe Hicks.

So all you fantastic Deadsplinter peeps – what characters are cool enough to hang with you? As always – thanks for your support and for stopping by.

The answer to last week’s poll was C) George Clooney as most of you guessed. And, yes, it was for One Fine Day.

This week’s poll:

Which cast from a CW network show was the hardest to deal with?

A) Dawson’s Creek

B) One Tree Hill

C) The Vampire Diaries

D) Tell Me A Story



  1. Well, I guess I would say Inigo Montoya, Jake Blues and Matt Crawley, but I hang out with them anyway, so to speak.

    I’ve never watched any of the CW scripted shows (I will watch Whose Line Is It Anyway because they’ve done a decent job of holding to the British original concept) so I have no opinion on any of those.

  2. i could probably have a pretty decent night out with the dude and donny….walter may have to stay at home….we would not be a good mix of personalities
    ….randall graves can come too

  3. Based on nothing, I’m going to say either One Tree Hill or The Vampire Diaries. 
    The only one of those I’ve seen is Dawson’s Creek, which was on when the network was called the WB (same with One Tree Hill, I believe), so maybe it’s The Vampire Diaries by technicality? Either way, I think the set of One Tree Hill was probably toxic, but maybe more to do with producers than the cast itself. 
    And for sheer wit value, I’d most likely opt to hang out with a rogue’s gallery of classic cinema’s grand “old broads” like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Maggie Smith, et al. Exact character roles TBD.

    • As far as the grand “old broads” – You’d need to buckle your seat belt – it might be a bumpy ride. 

  4. Michael and Janet from The Good Place, they seem like they’d be fun and just weird enough to be memorable without too much drama. 
    I’ve never seen it but I’m going to say One Tree Hill because wasn’t that the show the creepy child molester was on? 

    • I haven’t watched The Good Place yet – it’s in my que – so I’ll keep an eye our for Michael and Janet.

      • Mrs. Butcher and I just started watching it (received it as a gift) and it is hilarious.  It, unfortunately, is only 4 “seasons” long (50 episodes, which is really just two seasons for real), which means my continuing decision not to get invested in new programs unless they are at least five “seasons” long is still justified.

  5. Can it be from books? If it can (sorry to color outside the lines, I am such a rebel) literally any of the mages…Thomas Nightingale from the Rivers of London series, Tristan Montague of the Montague and Strong series, Conrad Clarke of the Kings Watch series, or any of the mages from the Mysterious Charms series. I adore a magical world, and wish that I had a magic wand that really worked.

    • Yes, definitely can be from books. It’s too bad that we don’t live in a world full of magic. 

  6. Vampire Diaries! Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dated and broke up while still filming the show and their characters continued to be in love/lust. I was a big fan of L.J. Smith (especially Nightworld) who wrote the book series…then I found out that her publishers did her dirty and have been ghost writing her novels. She started publishing fan fic to deliver the ending that she wanted for her characters.

  7. Red from Shawshank Redemption.  Me and Bunk Moreland would have been a dangerous drinking duo.

  8. As for fictional drinking buddies…
    Marc Maron’s character from GLOW
    -always interesting stories to tell and grouchy as fuck.
    -for the style/charm pointers and interesting stories
    G’Kar  + Londo Mollari (Babylon5)
    -fun, philosophical debates from two frenemies

  9. I want Schitt’s Creek to be real so I can hang out and be friends with David and Stevie. 

    Also, I think One Tree Hill. 

  10. I am completely ignorant, apathetic, and agnostic as to this week’s poll.  I don’t think I’ve seen any of those shows, although I do recognize the names of some of them…
    As to drinking with fictional characters…  My first choice would be Miriam Black from Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black series – I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her, but she’s been known to close down a bar or several, is pretty inappropriate, vulgar, and amusing.  And after enough drinks, I’d give in and ask how I die…  (although, whether I manage to do it before I drink enough that I stop remembering things might be an interesting complication…
    After that, probably Izzy Spellman from Lisa Lutz’s Spellman Files series.  Close to my age, in the SF Bay Area, and a former slacker/stoner (though, I believe as of the later novels she’s grudgingly taken to being semi-legit and respectable…
    And maybe Bobby Dollar from Tad William’s Bobby Dollar series…  He’s sorta an angel advocate for the recently deceased, with a questionable history and a tendency towards excessive alcohol consumption.
    Just came to me now, but the only TV/Movie that comes to mind is Helena from Orphan Black (Likely because I’ve been watching/rewatching it lately) – She’d probably be a bit terrifying, but I also don’t think I’d giver her any reason to actually wish to harm me, and she’s hilarious, and would be too much fun to get drunk with.  Like, wake up in a jail cell levels of fun…

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