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Since I have discovered a common Raising Arizona love amongst a lot of you lovely people of Deadsplinter – I rewatched it and realized that I use a lot of quotes from the movie in my everyday life. Here are a couple of them.

It’s a way homer, ya get it on the way home. – when someone tells a bad joke.

It’s a crazy world. Someone oughta sell tickets. – I thought this was from Peewee’s Big Adventure and I usually say it if we’re having a particularly chaotic day. The clip below cuts off before we get to it, unfortunately.

Other quotes I use not from Raising Arizona.

At work when we have someone going to set or going shopping I’ve always said – 

Have fun stormin’ da castle! –The Princess Bride

Or if we’re having shipping issues – 

Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere! – Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

And, usually the first thing I say after a production meeting.

What a bunch of a-holes. – Guardians of the Galaxy

Which one of these statements about Leo Di Caprio (on the Titanic set) is not true?
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[Answer will be revealed in the next edition of Back to One]

So, Deadsplinter people – do you have any quotes or references from a movie or tv show that you use in your daily life? As always, thanks for your support and stopping by.



  1. “Not with THAT attitude”.   In any situation. 

    • I have a friend that says that – now at least I know where it comes from.

    • This is the one from The Simpsons I use


      • That’s pretty funny.

        • I’d have to be really, REALLY hungry, lol.

  2. From Scent of a Woman (which should have been in my top five list but I forget shit when I make lists):  Hooah!



      • That’s a good one – might have to start using that one. 

        • …there are really quite a few from the blues brothers…like the other bullshit one that comes to mind (surprised I couldn’t find a clip)

          Well, what was I gonna do? Take away your only hope? Take away the very thing that kept you going in there? I took the liberty of bullshitting you, okay?”

          …but I told myself I wasn’t going to get into the quoting the blues brothers thing…so I guess it’s important to note that it wasn’t my fault

  3. …umm…way too many to be entirely comfortable trying to make a list…I’m not even sure I’d make it through the princess bride references alone without coming off like a crazy person…what can I say…it’s one of the classic blunders

    …so I’m going to stop there before I wind up typing out approximately the whole of withnail & I…call it “making time”

    • Yes, I think I quote the Princess Bride just slightly less than Raising Arizona.
      Whenever someone would ask what was on the agenda for the day – I would always say “Well, we know not to get involved in a land war in Asia.”
      Most of the time no one knew what I was talking about so I took it out of my repertoire. 

      • …I have a couple of friends & one sibling with whom it’s been said I can apparently have whole conversations that are nothing but throwing quotes & references back & forth…although to be fair they aren’t all from movies…there’s a fair bit from standup routines in that mix

        • One day on the set of Wild Wild West – me, a grip and an electric recited almost every single line from Raising Arizona from start to finish for Barry Sonnenfeld(he was the DP on it). He actually stood there and listened to us – then walked away shaking his head. The crowd that had gathered to watch us applauded us though. In hindsight, probably should’ve taken it out on the road like abbreviated Shakespeare. 

          • …I know it’s not strictly relevant…& I don’t know if they still do shows…but if you ever get the chance to see “the reduced shakespeare company” they are (or were) excellent value…I think their strap line was “all the plays in 90mins”…pretty sure they ran all the history ones as a mock (american) football game…along with an increasingly abbreviated hamlet that gets down to less than a minute

            …maybe not everybody’s cup of tea but I was in stitches for pretty much that whole performance

            • Oh, I’ve seen it – many times – I love them and the abbreviated American history was good – although I’m not sure how it would hold up now. 

  4. My siblings and I greet each other at Christmas with a quote from Christmas Vacation

    Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass, kiss his ass, kiss your ass, Happy Hanukkah.

    I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of any right now. Except one from a book. Anytime I accomplish something  I say I “killed like a champion”, from Hunter S Thompson’s The Curse of Lono. 

    • Although, I can’t remember any quotes from it – The Curse of Lono is one of the best books I’ve ever read. 

      • He was a great writer.

  5. im…not the most helpful person to have around when shit goes pearshaped

    • oh…and whilst it not from tv or a series that im aware…i use heres your sign quite a lot

      • That was hysterical.

    • …for some reason this sprang to mind?

      • i’d be lying if i said i hadnt said things pretty similar to that before…..
        i mostly keep myself out of those situations now tho
        i did learn not to say i could have told you that would happen this week tho
        as i imediately got a pretty irate well why fucking didnt you in return
        uhhhh? well…i previously thought you werent an idiot?

  6. We moved to our current town in April of my daughter’s freshman year of high school. I know, unfortunate timing. A week after she started at her new school they took group photos. She didn’t know anyone yet and realized how odd it was for her to be in the pics but was trying to see the humor in her situation. So when they lined them up she turned to the stranger next to her and said, “I’m not sure what to do with my hands” and raised them up just like Ricky Bobby in Talledaga Nights, the only funny Will Ferrell movie, and her favorite at the time. The girl didn’t get the reference and looked at my poor daughter like she had just announced she had Hansen’s disease. We still laugh about it and say it anytime we take pictures.

  7. I know what your daughter felt – most of the time – no one gets my quotes and of course it always loses the humor when you have to explain it. Occasionally, though – someone will get it – and that’s a great feeling. 

  8. I think my entire inner monologue is the Simpsons. 

    I am so smart S-M-R-T!

    • I didn’t know that was from the Simpsons – I say it all the time – except I think I picked it up from a friend. 

      • …I think my most used simpsons quote is probably “in theory…”

  9. I can’t think of the many movie quotes that I use at the moment. The one thing that comes to mind is what my siblings an I call “Goofy nose” which is a hand gesture or term we use when talking about an awkward moment. Skip to 1min marker.

  10. I use a lot of Super Trooper quotes with my siblings…most of my movie quotes come from movies we watched together over and over again.
    Using “meow” instead of “now”.
    “They think I’m Mexican.” When relaying a racist experience. We are mixed race which was uncommon when/where we grew up so the whole running joke of not knowing Ramathorn’s race really struck a cord with us.
    We always say “buh bye” like this.

  11. Homer is definitely source of the best booze quotes


  12. God, basically the entirety of the Simpsons from S1 to about S9 is half my vocabulary.

    Anchorman was a big hit in my workplace after it came out and there was a long stretch where we quoted it regularly. I still say “That escalated quickly …” pretty often.

    I can’t help myself when I’m in a wine store: “I’m not drinking any fucking merlot!”

    And when I play with my cat and he gets bored and wanders off, I will always shout after him: “Are you not entertained?!”


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