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Music You Can Watch a Movie To

Let’s talk soundtracks. There are so many great ones – it’s hard to choose a favorite. Here is a small sampling of some of mine.

Strictly Ballroom(1992) – I love this sweet little Aussie movie about ballroom dancing and it’s soundtrack just makes me happy.

The Lost Boys(1987) – it was hard to choose between this amazing 80’s soundtrack or Footloose – but ultimately the vampires won out. All of the songs on this album make you want to jump on a motorcycle and let your mullet fly.

Songcatcher(2000) – This is a great little movie about a woman researching old British ballads in the mountains of Appalachia in the early 1900’s. If you don’t like blue grass – you won’t like this – but if you do – I highly recommend it. It has lots of great female singers.

So, good people of Deadsplinter – what are some of your favorite soundtracks? Thanks for your support of DS and for stopping by.

So, looks like everyone was a winner from last week’s poll. Both Candice Bergen and Kathy Bates left a lot of crew members shaking in their boots. While Kathy Bates was a total sweetheart, Candice was a bit stand offish and had a very dry sense of humor – but I really liked her a lot.

I totally procrastinated and didn’t get Myo this week’s poll question so here it is in non-poll form.

Which big name musician did I get to bowl with at a wrap party?

A) Huey Lewis

B) John Bon Jovi

C) Mick Jagger

D) Reba McEntire



  1. The Forrest Gump soundtrack is one of the better ones out there.

    I’m going to go with B, mostly because I’m thinking John was more movie-oriented than the rest.  Unless, of course, you happened to work on Back to the Future.

    • Forrest Gump is so good because it spans such a long time in the movie. I mean where else do you have Respect with Sweet Home Alabama on a playlist?

  2. A) Huey Lewis?

  3. I notice you said “soundtracks” and not “film scores”.  That changes everything.



    • I just want to mention that way back then, Olivia Newton-John was my movie girlfriend and she and I did many very dirty things together.

      • Fun Fact:  There was a period of several years where Olivia Newton John was synonymous with Career Suicide after she exploited a loophole in her contract with the label.  Labels everywhere immediately closed that loophole, but the case itself is still discussed today in recording industry legal education.

    • I love Xanadu – I listen to All Over The World by ELO at least once a week. And, I’ve been thinking about picking up roller skating again – I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet – because I’m afraid that I might actually break my neck.

  4. While I know the more likely answers are JBJ or Reba, because they are also frequent actors, I’m going to go for the gold and pick the biggest of the big names on here, ol’ Mick.

    • Oh no!!!! I wish I had seen this before writing out my lengthy reply and heading toward the betting window.

      For that matter, not that anyone asked, a winning MegaMillions ticket, worth a cool $432 million, was sold at Pronto Pizza in Midtown. I have been to Pronto Pizza, but not in years, and I don’t remember a lottery feature. Maybe a pandemic-related innovation.

      • Fortuitous way to diversify their portfolio.

        • Fortuitous indeed, because the venue that sells the winning ticket gets a cut.

          If the $432 million winner takes it as a lump sum, which a sane person would so they could invest the proceeds elsewhere and not have it as a non-transferable annuity (payments end at death), they walk away with $192 million. A huge chunk of that goes to taxes, and then there’s the forward value of money, meaning $20 now will buy far more than $20 20 years from now, so there’s a discount on the payout to account for this.

  5. I’m going to guess Jon Bon Jovi, because I would bet that as a native of New Jersey he spent lots of quality time in his teen years at bowling alleys.

    ETA: I just looked up Huey Lewis, due diligence and all. He was actually born in Manhattan, grew up in Marin County (on the other side of the Bay from San Francisco, that’s what I always associate him with) but then boarded at Lawrenceville in, where else, New Jersey, so can I split my vote? Although on the other hand if the family had the means to board him at Lawrenceville he was probably ingesting his own body weight in cocaine and not hanging around New Jersey bowling alleys.

    I’m excluding Mick Jagger because when I was in college I had a British classmate (I had several British classmates, but let’s focus on this one) who had never seen a bowling alley before. If he had never seen one, I doubt Mick Jagger had much experience with them, growing up in the 1890s or whenever he was born.

    Maybe Reba McEntire is the wild card here. When I was growing up not only was there a lack of TV channels but a lack of anything to watch on these channels. Every so often we’d stumble on a competitive bowling show and many times the competitors had very heavy Southern accents.


    Win: Jon Bon Jovi

    Place: Reba McEntire

    Show: Huey Lewis

  6. This is going to be a tremendously difficult exercise in self-editing because I could go on until there’s nothing left for DUAN. So I’m going to mostly exclude movie musicals and zero in on an era.

    Growing up, as I did, in the 1990s, it was an era where film soundtracks were huge–almost bigger than the film itself. Stars appeared in the videos (or the videos were blatant collages of film clips that had nothing to do with the track itself…and then that video version overtook the existing one), the videos appeared at the beginning of your VHS copy of the home video release. I was the target (pre)teen market and it was such a fertile time. Here are a few of the most fun:

    Mark Mothersbaugh, “Hardest Geometry Problem in the World” from Rushmore OST 

    PF Project ft. Ewan McGregor, “Choose Life” from Trainspotting OST

    The Wannadies, “You & Me Song” from  Romeo + Juliet OST 

    Supergrass, “Alright” from Clueless OST 

    • Fuck it. I’m going rogue and stepping out of the 1990s for these two because they’re my top two answers, regardless of decade.

      Purple Rain 



      • You can never go wrong with Purple Rain.

  7. The Jazz Singer & Top Gun.

    Poll answer/guess: B

    • I didn’t realize you were a Neil Diamond fan.


      We had a family friend that looked a lot like Neil Diamond – so much so that occasionally people would think he was Neil Diamond. They would come up and ask him for an autograph – which he would sign with much fanfare. We always played along because it was actually really hysterical. He and my Dad got comped at restaurants a couple of times even.

      • Awesome. I love Neil Diamond. My mom was a huge fan of his when I was a young child in the 80’s. He grew on me.


    My favorite song from Lost Boys.  Good Times by INXS with Jimmy Barnes.

    The 80s was the power hour for Movie Soundtracks (biased opinion.)

    Beverly Hills Cop

    Back To The Future

    Purple Rain

    Stand By Me


    Rocky III

    Footloose (forgot that one)




    Almost Famous (didn’t like the movie, but soundtrack was very good)

    Reservoir Dogs


    TV Shows

    Miami Vice

    WKRP in Cincinnati

    Both shows have DVD releases stopped or poorly received by fans because of music rights issues.

    • Whenever I hear Adagio for Strings – it always reminds me of Platoon.


  9. ill just go with your picture…guardians of the galaxy has a nice soundtrack

    ive decided the 70s go well with sci fi

    oh wait…ill also go with good morning vietnam

  10. You used it as the header image, but the “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack rules, and the songs really do make that movie tick.

    Beyond that, hard not to just say “Purple Rain” and be done with it, the alpha and omega of the format, but all my sweet, testosterone-fueled love to the “Rocky IV” soundtrack which when listened to at a proper volume will pump you up enough to get you to run through a brick wall. It’s science!

    And not itself a soundtrack but “That Thing You Do” only works as a movie if the song could have been a giant hit in the 60s and they absolutely, positively nail it.

  11. A great movie with an amazing soundtrack that a bunch of my friends worked on in both production work or were recording artists was the Descendants.






  12. My favorite soundtrack is from a show, not a movie. seasons 1 & 2 of The End of the F**8ing World. There’s a wide range of songs including doo-wop, C&W and original songs by Blur’s Graham Coxon. Each one goes perfectly with the scene .

    Bernadette Carroll – Laughing On the Outside

    Hank Williams – Setting the Woods On Fire


    Graham Coxon – Walking All Day


    The answer to your poll has gotta be B John Bon Jovi. I’ve heard he’s a genuinely lovely man.

    • Homicide had an amazing soundtrack:

  13. Judgement Night:

    It was only this morning I learned that one of the guys in Onyx played Bird in The Wire.

  14. …well, I guess aside from the blues brothers (which feels like cheating) & maybe bugsy malone…I’d have to think about it?


    …liked the jungle book songs a lot but like the other two those aren’t necessarily that kind of soundtrack…& good morning vietnam already had a mention

    …the prince soundtrack to the tim burton batman film was pretty good…& the big lebowski…oh brother where art thou…guess the coen brothers pick good tunes…as does (or at least did) tarantino

    …hmmm…a favorite, though…I’m going to go with ghost dog…not sure why exactly but it felt like the soundtrack was sort of a more load-bearing component of that film than a lot of them are?

    …& I’ll take a “b” for the poll, I think

    • Thank you for the reminder about Ghost Dog. The soundtrack to Dark Days the documentary is also fitting for the film, but it’s mostly DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing album with a couple of UNKLE tracks.

      O Brother is also a good one. I had the cassette for Prince’s Batman album and recently learned that Danny Elfman was hired to work with Prince on the score for that film, but after realising they were going for two different things, Elfman composed a separate score and Prince was given free rein to do his full soundtrack album, and both were released.

  15. A. Huey Lewis.  I mean, their album was titled ‘Sports’ for crying out loud.


    Soundtrack? The Matrix.

    And a hat tip to Trainspotting.

  16. Maximum Overdrive 🙂

    • Oh, good one.  And I don’t really like AC/DC all that much.

  17. Wait hang on

    When you say get to bowl with — do you mean go to a bowling alley and bowl together or do you mean smoke a bowl with?

    Because ahhh I assumed it was a weed reference and will need to rethink my answer if you mean actual bowling.

  18. I’m not terribly into soundtracks, but once in a while one will really stand out to me.

    I really liked the soundtrack to The Sweet Hereafter.

    Courage, Sarah Polley:


    Until the End of The World is another one I rather like:


    Also Run Lola Run:

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