Back to the Grind [DOT 7/11/22]

Hi gang! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I had a very successful weekend. My Dad’s birthday party was a hit. He received a lot of cards and at least three fleece-lined flannel shirts. (And he thought that was Too Much, it was cute.) Someone also brought him a can of Cougar Cheese, but you know what, I declared that mine and brought it home with me. I’ll report back as to whether it’s all it’s cracked up to be!

Gawd the Dems suck at this

Democrats look to centrists in final hours while GOP amps up its base

I am not looking forward to tomorrow

With competing Florida rallies Sunday, Trump and DeSantis preview a potential GOP presidential primary showdown


Sharon Lokedi, Evans Chebet of Kenya win New York City Marathon


Meta could begin large-scale layoffs this week, report says

This amount of money would probably ruin your life, but I’d hate to be the guy who DIDN’T participate in the office pool

US Powerball jackpot jumps to record-breaking $1.9bn after no one wins

Rock Hall 2022: Watch Dolly Parton Perform “Jolene” With Inductee Supergroup

Have a great Monday!



    • Thanks!

      In Ohio, Tim Ryan’s ads have the tag line “Just Don’t Vote…for JD Vance” but I’m sure all anyone hears is the first part. Maybe that’s part of his strategy. Don’t vote for me, but definitely just don’t vote for the other guy.


    • I’m going to put on my “well actually” hat now (which you can feel free to pull down over my face) and say the issue is less with Daylight Savings Time and really with time zones.

      They’re not well thought out because they create a false sense of regularity which the sun really doesn’t follow, and then they zig zag along political boundaries, and then you add in seasonal variations which change a huge amount by latititude.

      Most of Europe has just one time zone, and there is just one time zone for China, which is basically the same size as the US.

      The way they handle things is just let things decide for themselves when to open and close. Depending on when the sun rises and sets, schools can open and close at different times, restaurants serve lunch at different times, businesses change their hours to match local schedules, and so on.

      So the US should just switch to one giant time zone and let us all fight it out over when McDonalds stops serving their hash browns.

        • I eat at McDonald’s once in a blue moon. Luckily there are none nearby to tempt me. When I do go, it is only at breakfast time and I get four to six hash browns (four is the sweet spot, six is if I’m with my husband and kids and might have to share… I have food guarding issues like some dogs do). I’m a total glutton for things I don’t often indulge in. So when I do, I do it à la max.

          My obsession with their hash browns stems mostly from childhood nostalgia. Does anyone else miss their thicker paper liners like the ones their fries used to be served in?

          Timely post on the subject… I have to service my car this morning. My husband jokes that I chose the dealership based on its proximity to a McDonalds. I can’t fully say that didn’t factor in my decision making process as a bonus point. All week (yes that’s how much I obsess and debate over their hash browns) I had convinced myself not to stop by McDonald’s but my resolve since this post has dwindled to a 50/50 chance. If there’s a line up at the drive thru I won’t go. Gah, if only I could just be normal and order a single hash brown, then this would be a non issue.

  1. As you may have heard, the gubernatorial race in New York has been rated a toss-up by the Cook Political Report, although the Real Clear Politics average is Hochul (D) +6 or +7. To put this in perspective, Democratic voter registrations statewide outnumber Republicans 2:1 (with tons of independents) and during the last gubernatorial election Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat, won with 60% of the vote, compared to Marc Molinaro’s 36%.

    To bolster her chances, Kathy Hochul has called on heavy hitters at the last minute to give her a hand. Biden, Kamala Harris, Bill and Hillary Clinton. One Democratic pollster predicted, “These appearances are going to drive Republican turnout close to 100%.” I think he was joking. The last poll I saw, which was a while ago, had Zeldin, the Republican, polling 37% in New York City. The momentum since has been swinging Zeldin’s way. The rough guideline is if a statewide Republican candidate can get 30% of the NYC turnout they can win. Not guaranteed, but they can.

    Zeldin is a pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life former Congressman who declined to certify the 2020 Presidential election results and has been endorsed by Trump. If Kathy Hochul doesn’t win this it will be more shocking than Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump.

    Should be a fun day tomorrow.

    • …can’t swear to it applying to NY in particular but I know that they figured out a lot of people pay attention to essentially poll aggregators like nate silverman…& figured out that you could game that kind of polling with a familiar flood-the-zone-with-bullshit tactic so in some places they’ve been releasing twice as many sketchy polls with heavily pro-GOP results to…though I’m sure they wouldn’t put it that way…queer the pitch on the aggregate values

      …I want it to be that kind of thing…but complacent would be a poor description of my general state at present?

  2. I know the odds are near impossible but I too pay the “Don’t want to be the last person on my shift” Lotto Tax at work.

    Winning almost a billion dollars would be life/mind blowing. I’d change my name and move somewhere far away. Not before I give a bunch of people and orgs some money. 

  3. Cougar Gold cheese is amazing!  My WSU buddies buy it all the time & have aged some of them a really long time and still excellent.  Really pairs well with a nice Cab or Syrah.

    I don’t like to get my hopes up too much with this kind of shit going on…

    I hope @bryanlsplinter can tell us at these cops got fired?


    • My local mom and pop grocery store sell Cougar Cheese. I never even realized it was cheese because of the canned packaging (which I never read). It’s kept in the cheese and cured meat section and I assumed it was paté or rillettes. Now I’m curious. Which flavor do you recommend?

    • …that greg palast vigilante thing you dropped a link for the other day was a depressing watch…I knew the principle that there were these sorts of people pulling this sort of shit…but I hadn’t appreciated the scale or the degree of utter bullshit that was involved in the lists of voters called into question

      …if you have 1,000s if names from voter roles where you’ve managed to find first/last name matches…but the exact list from which you’re pulling those shows the middle names that prove they aren’t the same individual before you compile your we-should-challenge-these list…that feels like it ought to be illegal vote tampering…with maybe a sentencing tariff on a per-name basis?

    • So, does that guy have any recourse? There is no fucking way he was resisting arrest because they were not fucking arresting him. This shit is crazy.

    • …at some point I’ll read the whole thing…but for now I got as far as co-sponsored by katie porter & I figure that tells me most of what I need to know?

  4. today i was kinda surprised to find that greta thunberg actually seems quite likeable

    which is in all fairness probably ignorance on my part as i only really know her as the angry protesty person with a mood on as the news shows her


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